Miracle Balls

My experience
My husband introduced me to The Miracle Ball Method when I was experiencing some pain in my shoulder. Tight muscles had caused pain and inflammation in my right shoulder and I was in excruciating pain. I was willing to try anything natural. Surprisingly, the method was simply to lie on the balls and relax. Who couldn’t use an excuse to relax? I started lying on the balls immediately and felt some relief after only a few days. My shoulder is now almost completely healed as well as a few other back issues I had. When I lie on the balls I know it’s working to release my muscles because I hear my back cracking as the muscles release and allow my spine and joints to move back to where they were born to be.


What these are
Have you ever seen a yoga ball? They are the large balls that people sometimes use for ab work. Well, Miracle Balls are made of a similar material but are only about five inches in diameter.

How they work
From the Miracle Ball website, “EPM [Elaine Petrone Method] trains your nervous system whereas most exercise programs focus on moving your muscles. EPM believes that in order to get the muscles to move easily without pain, the secret lies in training the brain to regain feeling in key parts of the body. A Body Dialogue is emphasized. This reciprocal communication of body to brain gives us the potential to experience movement integrating all parts of the body. Stress is then lifted from chronic pain areas of your body. Common areas of pain are low back, hips, shoulders, neck just to name a few.”

My tips
Tip 1: For added release I drape myself face-down over by 75cm yoga ball and relax. I’m providing traction to my back which also helps to release my lower back. Again, I can hear the vertebrae releasing as I do this.  

Tip 2: Strengthen your core, exercise and keep yourself in shape.

Tip 3: Many alignment problems are caused by injuries that aren’t properly healed. I see my chiropractor regularly and make special visits if I torque my back or fall (anyone shoveling snow?). By getting my spine realigned right away I prevent my muscles from getting used to protecting the injured area.

Tip 4: For an all over realignment of your body to its pre-misaligned state, consider Rolfing or Hellerwork. The way it was described to me, these methods release the fascia which allows the muscles to move properly. Rolfing is known to be very painful and Hellerwork is Rolfing that doesn’t hurt. Literally, the founder, Joseph Heller, was a Rolfer who devised a method of doing Rolfing without the associated pain.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor so please don’t take this as medical advice. See your doctor and show them the balls and talk about whatever exercises you’re going to do before you start.

View the Miracle Ball Method on Amazon.com: The Miracle Ball Method

Law of Attraction

We’ve all heard it, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”, “Thoughts become things”, “What you resist persists”, “You get what you look for.”

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!  That was kind of my daughter’s sentiment when I told her to focus on what she wanted instead of what she didn’t want. So I came up with a simple way of explaining it. You Netflix fans will get this right away.

I liken the law of attraction to Netflix (in a VERY general way). Netflix has a system for observing the movies and television shows I watch and then making suggestions for new shows and movies it thinks I’ll be interested in.

Think of it this way:

The movies I watch (like the thoughts I think and what I put my attention on) causes Netflix (the Universe) to make suggestions for what it figures I’m interested in (based on what I think) and brings me movies (life events and circumstances) based on what I’ve shown an interest in, whether it be movies or life experiences.

Got it? Simple, right? Give your attention to what you do want.

The conversation into the law of attraction goes much, much deeper so if you’re interested in this topic check out the books by Abraham-Hicks, Michael Beckwith and Happier than God by Neale Donald Walsch.

Breaking the Parental Cycle

“I never thought I’d be my mother and then I heard her words coming out of my mouth! How did that happen?”

Every hear anyone say that? Yup, people say, “I’m never going to raise my children the way I was raised,” but then they do and don’t know why.

Unless we do something consciously to break the cycle, we are destined to raise our children as we were raised and perpetuate the mistakes of the previous generation on the next-generation, and so-on down the line.

If we consciously confront and transform the challenges, problems and belief systems that created how our parents raised us, we can find freedom and conscious choice in parenting our children. Then when our children have children, they’ll do better than we did and so-on down the line.

So how do we break the pattern? The answer may be different for everyone. There are  many systems, programs and books that can help, we just have to find the right one for us. For me, I took the Landmark forum when I was 23. That is how I was able to I raise my children differently than I was raised. Even so I wasn’t completely free of my past while I was raising them so some of the patterns were perpetuated anyway. I figure that if each generation just keeps transforming their past, we’ll eventually break the cycle and have complete freedom to raise our children without the influence of the past. That’s why my youngest daughter did the landmark forum too. Now  she can continue breaking the cycle and have even more freedom to raise her children more consciously than I did.

In some circles the process of transforming one’s life is referred to as “doing your work”. That means I’m doing the inner work necessary to overcome the past, to be fully present in the moment and to be whole, healthy and happy in body, mind and spirit.

I’ve been on my own spiritual and healing journey since 1989. I’m continually working to achieve the goal of being fully present in the moment and live a love-centered life. On this website I’ve written about most of the things that I’m using and doing, so read about them as you like.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socates

These are some of the things I’m doing now:

Holosync Meditation CDs: meditate like a Zen monk and resolve unresolved emotional issues just by listening

Living from the Heart: teaches us to live from the heart

EventTemples: website where everyone who has read the Living from the Heart paper and knows how to send heart energy can join others in sending heart energy to those in need around the globe

Practicing being in the moment: Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now

Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program: a program that’s part of Landmark’s curriculum for living

All the World’s a Garden

Rain Barrel with FlowersWhat this is
All the World’s a Garden is a new website committed to global transformation.

Why it is
There are people around the world who are researching the problems of desertification, food shortages, and other related problems. Their research and solutions are scattered across the internet and are sometimes hard to find. Then there are those who want to live more ecologically, growing their own food, raising their own production animals and being the change they wish to see in the world. All the World’s a Garden is bringing these two together and encouraging them to contribute to each other.

How it works
All the World’s a Garden is a repository for resources related to topics of living more ecologically and healing the earth. There is a Resources section with resources such as TED talks, educational materials, inspirational information, books, and solutions that are working toward transforming the planet. The Community Forum is a place to share your wisdom, knowledge, insights and inspiration on topics such as gardening, raising animals, family domains and the like.

The Vision
The website is dedicated to transforming the world into a beautiful, abundant garden that supports all of nature and all of her creatures and creations.

How you can help

Be part of the transformation:

Volunteer to help with the project

Share in the Community Forum

Suggest a Resource

Suggest a resource or start a discussion on one of these topics or something of your own:

  • Animals
  • Children
  • Cleaning
  • Communities
  • Ecological housing
  • Family domains
  • Gardening
  • Healing the land
  • Horticulture
  • Landscaping
  • Living fence
  • Living in harmony with nature
  • Living in harmony with people
  • Orchards
  • Plant water filtering
  • Renewable energy
  • Whole food cooking

See and Hear Everyone

Happy New Year!

This year let us remember that humans are gregarious in nature. We all need to belong, we all need to feel loved. If we are all one, just imagine how it feels to be cut off from others. I’m making it a point to reach out to others, be nice to them, spread cheer, smile, be the solution, be the change, pay attention and really listen. I invite you to do the same.

There may be people in your life, or even on the outskirts of your life, that need love and attention or understanding. Go out of your way to give them that. Even if you think they seem fine, and especially if they don’t, I encourage you to take time to reach out to people in your life and connect. Too many of us ignore people when we see they are in pain. Even more of us pretend nothing is wrong even when we know it’s not. I can hear it in someone’s voice when their words don’t match how they are talking. Tune in and pay attention when people talk. Someone someday will thank you for it.

I believe many of our challenges come from a desire to be understood and understand others. Just talk to a teenager. I think the major complaint is still, “My parents don’t listen to me and they don’t understand me.”

Let’s live together in the community we were put here to have, and include everyone.

Let’s MAKE it a Happy New Year! It’s all up to us.