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Dawn with Neil Donald Walsch,
author of the “Conversation with
God” series of books

What is Dawn of a New Day?
Dawn of a New Day is the manifestation of my mission on the planet at this time. I’ve received the vision over time and it continues to evolve and change. It’s beautiful!

Dawn’s Story

Part of my life’s work is being a filter for others. I love sharing things that can help people on their life’s journey. I’ve done a lot of searching, reading, and experimenting. I’ve found things that worked and things that didn’t. On this website I’m sharing the things that have worked. To explain it in one sentence — I’d say I’m a New Age Reviewer with a “B.S. detector”. I’ve had enough experience to know when something is just not right, and when something is a new revelation.

I’ve gone ahead and left a trail for you to follow.

I’ve been on a healing path since 1990 when my father sent me the book Handbook to Higher Consciousness. I had just started dating my first husband and thought the book would help me in the relationship. It helped me deal with the things that bothered me about him and started me on my journey.

It didn’t take long before reading the book and doing the exercises in Handbook to Higher Consciousness: The Workbook propelled me on a path toward healing myself and my life. I read Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life and many more books.

Dawn with Victoria Boutenko,
author of “Raw Family” and
“12 Steps to Raw Foods”

My life turned a huge corner and, approaching my 29th birthday (my Saturn return for all you astrology buffs), my first husband and I divorced. I was led to more and more books, people, and events that kept me healing, growing and steadily moving toward who I was always meant to be.

I was truly being guided. I became a Reiki Master, learned Kwan Yin Magnified Healing, attended channelings, experienced a sweat lodge, read more books and took all kinds of classes related to healing body, mind, and spirit and looked forward to the day when I would be enlightened. I read voraciously.

Along the way, I met all kinds of people: those who were already on a healing path and those who were just testing the waters. More and more, I found myself sharing what I had learned. I wanted everyone to benefit from my experience.

My downfall, though, was that sometimes people weren’t ready, or I gave them too much information. When a friend would tell me about a problem they had, I would tell them EVERYTHING I knew on the subject! This has often been described as hitting someone with a fire hose when they asked for a glass of water.

Dawn with Groovelily

I’ve since realized that there isn’t one “right” way to do anything, and I don’t have to convince anyone for my experience to be beneficial. Over time, I became more discerning when sharing with people and would give them more information only when they asked for it. Fortunately I read people’s energy very well and can tell when the conversation has strayed into an area they aren’t comfortable with. Whereas before I would have pressed on, now — out of consideration for them and where they are on their path — I change the subject. I also know that ideas, energies and vibrations are transferred while standing near someone or thinking about them. That’s relevant because someone may be ready for the information but it has to be “seeded” to grow later and they already got what they needed from our interaction.

The Dawn of a New Day website is a natural step in the growth of my sharing. Now I don’t have to try to gauge how much information, or what information someone wants. You can decide for yourself how much or how little you want, whenever you want, or not at all. If you find a topic doesn’t relate to you, moving on is easy and painless. Hey, I won’t even know about it unless you tell me!

Dawn with Anne Khoury

Dawn with Anne Khoury, Publisher
of New Visions Magazine, Director
of Health Connections Center and
The Mind Body Spirit Expo

Since starting this website I’ve learned, oh, so much! I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, gone to transformational events and grown even more. One of my greatest finds was learning about the Law of Attraction. In the summer of 2006 I read the Abraham-Hicks book Ask and It Is Given and was amazed at how succinctly they presented the information on the Universal Law of Attraction. I had heard enough about the Law of Attraction over the years to be scared of thinking the wrong things but this cleared up all of my preconceived notions and put me on the path toward deliberate creation. I listened to many hours of their workshops on CD and understood things so well that I started a  Law of Attraction study group to help other people with their use of this Universal law. As I used the law effectively I became nicer and my life experience got better. I realized that the most important thing is to feel good. Be as happy as you can be and everything else takes care of itself.

Dawn with Michael and Ricky
Beckwith of Agape International
Spiritual Center

The other great thing I found, that is greatly affecting my life in a positive way, is the Holosync® meditation program. After going through their initial program I don’t get stressed as easily, I sleep a lot better and I’m better able to comprehend and retain what I read. Therefore, after August 2007 the posts/reviews might sound different since this program restructures the brain at higher levels. So cool!

We’re all on this journey called Life together. I’ve built this website to share what I’ve learned and be a filter so you can benefit from my experience. “Life’s too short to make all the mistakes yourself.” (I can’t remember who said that but I love it!)

All in all I’d have to say that I’m part of the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability [LOHAS] consumer movement. There’s so much out there, it’s hard to know which step to take next and it can be confusing too. So I’ve provided this website for you, to help you find the next step on your journey.

Love and Light,

Disclaimer (Read this!)
On this website I share with you my experiences, what works for me and how to get the best out of recommended products. I’m not a doctor and I haven’t had any medical or health training in this lifetime. My knowledge comes from reading books and talking to others with more knowledge than I. I don’t claim to know everything, least of all my readers and I expect that everyone who comes to my site and decides to try something does so at their own risk to either their benefit or detriment. You need to follow your own inner wisdom, your doctor and health care professionals and claim your own power. I believe in the perfection of the Universe and Its Creator. I believe in taking responsibility for our own choices and expect my readers to proceed with their own empowerment and hold themselves accountable if they don’t get the same results I did. I have a childlike faith in the goodness and kindness of people and know that you will use this site tempered by your own wisdom and any health care professionals that you are in the care of. Blessings and remember, the Universe loves you!