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The Calorie Myth Most of us have been taught that calories in, minus calories out, equals weight loss. As we found in The Calorie Myth, that’s just not the case. It’s actually our hormones that keep us thin and if we aren’t thin, something needs attention. Natural Weight Loss That’s where the book UltraMetabolism comes…

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The Calorie Myth

What this book is about Quick, throw out everything you learned in school about My Plate, the Food Pyramid and calories determining weight. It’s a shock, I know, but calories in, minus calories out, does NOT equal weight loss. Hormones control our weight. I’m going to summarize the book but you MUST read it to…

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Miracle Balls

My experience My husband introduced me to The Miracle Ball Method when I was experiencing some pain in my shoulder. Tight muscles had caused pain and inflammation in my right shoulder and I was in excruciating pain. I was willing to try anything natural. Surprisingly, the method was simply to lie on the balls and relax….

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What Makes You Feel Good?

Have you ever noticed how different people enjoy different activities? Well there are also different things that make people feel good. Whether it be singing, dancing, cooking, serving others, listening, being listened to, sitting on the beach, dancing in the rain, visiting new places, standing on the earth, feeling the energy of a sacred place,…

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The Secret Code of Success

What this book is about: Have you ever done affirmations? How about having done a million bazillion of them and wondering why your life hasn’t changed? Well, Dr. Noah St. John had done his share but his life hadn’t changed so he wondered what he was doing wrong until he realized why affirmations don’t work….

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