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While Supplies Last Tooth Soap Special

From Tooth Soap: "LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER" Get The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth 72-page book and an 8-WEEK SUPPLY of Tooth Soap® and SAVE!!! YES, for a limited time, you can get The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth book (valued at $29.95) PLUS you’ll also get an 8-week supply of Perfect Prescription’s Tooth Soap®…

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Beyond Recycling – Definition

In my "Beyond Recycling" series I’m focusing on things we can do to make good use of our resources, including ourselves, to leave the future bright for our children and be responsible for ourselves and our actions now. From the Great Laws of the Iroquois Nation: "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact…

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Father’s Day

It seems to me that Father’s Day can be a day of remembering that our fathers, and the masculine aspect of all Creation and Creator, are an integral part of the wholeness of all life. While Mother creates the dark, nurturing space of yin, Father provides the pattern and light of yang. Both compliment and balance each other in a beautiful and intricate way.

The Three Questions

Nikolai searches for answers to the three burning questions he has about the meaning life. By the end he has found the answers.

Global Love Day, May 1st

Join us for Global Love Day and make a difference in the world.

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