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Zen Shorts

Zen Shorts (Caldecott Honor Book)Can a panda teach three children some Zen principles? You betcha! And it’s done with beautiful pictures and great stories.

Raw Organic Sun-Dried Mango

Raw Organic MangoesRaw, organic, sun-dried mangoes are the way to go. Great in other recipes, trail mix and as a snack on its own.

Snow Bear

Snow Bear (A Soft-to-Touch Book)Snow Bear has an adventure on his first venture out of his wintry cave. Funny how we can find examples everywhere of use and misuse of the Law of Attraction.

Dumbing Us Down

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory SchoolingIf you have school-age children or are thinking of becoming a school teacher you might want to consider reading this book as soon as possible. Most people don’t realize that most schooling turns out good factory workers. I want more than that for my children. I want them to ask questions, think and explore the world while having fun.

Your Six-Year-Old: Loving and Defiant

Your Six-Year-Old: Loving and DefiantOne in a series for parents of children from one to 14 this book takes us through the complexities of the six year old offering comfort, advice and realistic expectations of our six-year olds.

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