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See and Hear Everyone

Happy New Year! This year let us remember that humans are gregarious in nature. We all need to belong, we all need to feel loved. If we are all one, just imagine how it feels to be cut off from others. I’m making it a point to reach out to others, be nice to them,…

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Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts – Now in Print!

Child and Hubby approved raw desserts that make you feel good, are easy to prepare and taste amazing. Everyone loves them! You can even attend a class to learn how to make the raw chocolate yourself. This book is now available for the Kindle and in print!


Dance It will keep you flexible, bring joy to your life and give you exercise. Places to danceI dance while I’m brushing my teeth, walking around the house and to the music in my car. Missy likes to put on music and the three of us dance around the living room. Dance like no one…

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Beyond Recycling – Save gas before you start your car

Stop before you start your car. Is there anything you can do before turning the car on? You’ll save gas by doing it before you start your car.

No-Show Tan Lines

Have tan lines that don’t show.

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