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Beyond Recycling – Reuse those plastic utensils

Recycline Recycled Plastic CutleryYou can easily reuse those plastic eating utensils, just think ahead.

Pep Talk Phone Sessions

Need to talk?
Just want someone to listen?
Looking for answers?
Looking to see the world from a different perspective?
Looking to see the perfection in the Universe or in your life?
Want a paradigm shift?
Want a pep talk?
Want a pick-me-up?
Feel unheard?
Just want an excuse to spend 30 minutes focusing on you?
Want all this at a reasonable price?

Well, you got it! Dawn is now offering 30 minute phone sessions for $25, 60 minutes for $40

Changes That Would Work – End Daylight Saving Time

DawnFollowing Neale Donald Walsch’s lead of there’s no right and wrong, there’s only what works and what doesn’t work, I would like to suggest we reevaluate…Daylight Savings Time.

Beyond Recycling – Frost off the Windshield

As the weather gets colder in the northern regions of the world we’re tempted to warm-up our cars until they are warm and cozy and the frost has melted off the windows but this might not be a great use of gas.

How to Return Creamy Nut Butters to a Creamy Consistency

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