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Beyond Recycling – Carving Pumpkins

Tips for using all of your pumpkin.

Beyond Recycling – Definition

In my "Beyond Recycling" series I’m focusing on things we can do to make good use of our resources, including ourselves, to leave the future bright for our children and be responsible for ourselves and our actions now. From the Great Laws of the Iroquois Nation: "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact…

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Changes That Would Work – Determining Couples’ Tax Bracket

Following Neale Donald Walsch’s lead of there’s no right and wrong, there’s only what works and what doesn’t work, I would like to suggest we reevaluate…How we determine couple’s tax bracket

Recycling Business Cards

Dawn's Business CardHave you ever changed your company logo, phone number, web address or just gotten a new job and still have a stack of business cards left? Well, they don’t need to go directly into the recycle bin. You can reuse them before they become a recycled sheet of paper.

Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts

Raw DessertsDownload the revised and updated version of the popular (and free) e-book, Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts. Check out the new pictures.

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