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Eliminating Clutter

Housekeeping Tip #1Clear your clutter by not making any in the first place.

Organized Closet and less time doing laundry

Housekeeping Tip #2 I really don’t like fishing through my closet on laundry day to find all those hangers I need. This is one thing I do to organize my closet and take less time collecting those hangers on wash day.

Clean Kitchen Towels

Floursack Towels - Leaf SeriesHousekeeping Tip #3 Here’s my special tip for making sure you always have a clean kitchen towel and know when you’re about to run out.

Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts

Dawn of a New Day Raw DessertsGreat child and hubby approved raw food desserts! It’s my gift to you. Download this revised and updated version of my popular (and free) e-book, Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts. Check out the pictures, tell your friends and pass it along.


Wrapsacks combine the conservationism of re-gifting with the fun of the www.wheresgeorge.com dollar tracking.

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