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The Power of Now

The Power of Now : A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentThis book has changed my life. Time slows down when you’re in the now. Being in the now can save our world and make it the paradise we want it to be.

The Evolution of Hugs and Kisses

Dawn & KathleenHow can we find the love within ourselves to share it with others? Let’s find out and do that so we can change the world into a more loving place.

New Visions Magazine

New Visions MagazineThe articles are interesting, the pictures vibrant without being overpowering and the ads are nicely placed. Robert Currey is always right on, I just love him! I like the profiles and the calendar of events as a great resource for what’s going on and where to go to maintain one’s practice with other like-minded individuals. The coupons are a nice little surprise and the holistic directory is a good place to start when looking for a provider of services. I laughed at The World of Mullah Nasrudin and made note to check out the two expos listed in the magazine.


Hypnotherapy is a method of healing that treats the mind-body-spirit as one interconnected unit. There are personal sessions and pre-recorded CDs and tapes to help you utilize this amazing and fast method of healing.

Customer Service Over the Phone

Customer Service Over the Phone: Techniques and Technology for Handling Customers Over the PhoneCustomer Service is never easy and handling it over the phone is even more stressful. Steve Coscia’s book offers a no-nonsense approach to making customers and customer service employees feel heard, helped and helpful.

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