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Are We There Yet? GrooveLily CD

Lookin’ for some groovy music with words that make sense and move you along? Awesome music to accompany life’s journey!

The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny

A paper written by “James” of “Wingmakers” fame.

Take Off Your Glasses and See

Take Off Your Glasses and See: How to Heal Your Eyesight and Expand Your InsightHere’ s a way of freeing yourself from corrective lenses using an approach that takes into account the emotional causes of poor eyesight and includes exercises and resources to support and help as you move toward that freedom.

Tomorrow’s God

Tomorrow's God : Our Greatest Spiritual ChallengeConfused about God? This is the book that sets us straight on who God is. Our teachings before weren’t totally wrong, they were just incomplete and what if there was something we don’t know about God, the knowing of which could change everything?

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