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The Secret Code of Success

What this book is about: Have you ever done affirmations? How about having done a million bazillion of them and wondering why your life hasn’t changed? Well, Dr. Noah St. John had done his share but his life hadn’t changed so he wondered what he was doing wrong until he realized why affirmations don’t work….

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Kim Eng’s meditation cd

Listening to Kim Eng’s meditations you can create more consciousness, more presence in your life.

Living a Loving, Joyous Life

Make a daily practice of things that bring you joy.


Dance It will keep you flexible, bring joy to your life and give you exercise. Places to danceI dance while I’m brushing my teeth, walking around the house and to the music in my car. Missy likes to put on music and the three of us dance around the living room. Dance like no one…

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The Lohasian

Get the real scoop, insights, information and commentary on many LOHAS topics.

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