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Transforming Stress

Transforming Stress: The Heartmath Solution For Relieving Worry, Fatigue, And TensionFeeling stressed, run down, filled with worry, tension and fatigue? The methods in this book help you relive all of those as well as a whole range of other stress related illnesses. Even if you’re not stresses these methods can help you feel more bliss and lead a happier life.

Home with God

Home with God : In a Life That Never EndsThe long awaited review of Home with God: In a Life that Never Ends is finally here. This could be the most important book ever for changing our world and making it the paradise we want it to be.


Amazing Something amazing happened to me today and I want to share it with you. I was really feeling out of sorts and was wondering what was going on in the world to bring my energy down. I do feel the collective consciousness quite easily at times and sometimes the energy is so strong as…

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The Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage

The Journey To Wild Divine: The PassageAre you looking for a fun method to practice your relaxation and meditation techniques? Could you use some help unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day? This program is not only fun and intriguing, it also helps you relax and balance the whole body system using biofeedback, beautiful music, high-definition 3-D graphics, video and techniques to get you into a calm, peaceful space.

Conversations with God

The Complete Conversations with GodGod talks to all of us. Some of us just listen better than others. This is a transformational book that will change the way you think about yourself, God, the Universe and everything in it. You’ll like the changes, too.

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