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Event Temples – Neutral Heart Technique

Here is an amazing, fast and simple technique to transform stuck / cementized / unhelpful energies (and the pain-body) and have them work for you in living a love-centered life.

When-Which-How Practice Guide

Looking for a way to take your practice of Living from the Heart to the next level? This guide for expressing the six heart virtues in your life is entertaining and understandable, driving home the need for practice and offering easy to grasp sample situations. It’s quite entertaining, too.

Global Love Day, May 1st

Join us for Global Love Day and make a difference in the world.

Living from the Heart

Living from the HeartWe can learn to live more from the heart, be more loving and contribute to the evolution of the human race and the planet. These free teachings truly make a difference and will speak to your Soul.

Feel Good Already, Will You!

Feeling GoodWhat makes you feel good? And why should you work to feel good as much as you can? Everyone makes a difference in the planet by feeling good.

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