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Pep Talk Phone Sessions

Need to talk?
Just want someone to listen?
Looking for answers?
Looking to see the world from a different perspective?
Looking to see the perfection in the Universe or in your life?
Want a paradigm shift?
Want a pep talk?
Want a pick-me-up?
Feel unheard?
Just want an excuse to spend 30 minutes focusing on you?
Want all this at a reasonable price?

Well, you got it! Dawn is now offering 30 minute phone sessions for $25, 60 minutes for $40

Helping You Find the Next Step on Your Journey – Coaching Sessions

Dawn, helping you find the next step on your journeyThis coaching program is conducted in an exploratory manner during one 2 hour session. Through dynamic interaction and discussion with Dawn you’ll obtain a course of action and the tools you need to confidently take the next step on your journey whether it’s related to your perfect body, mind, relationship, prosperity, dreams, zest for life, realizing your desires or anything else you can possibly imagine. Couples can obtain the tools for their unique goals as a couple, too.


Thanksgiving CornicopiaWe have so much to be thankful for. Let’s be thankful every day in every way. What can you feel gratitude for right now?

Supporting A Love-Centered Life

With a little planning we can make our decision to live a love-centered life easier. It will make us feel better and positively affect those around us and our life situations. How cool is that?

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