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Thomas Moore Interview

Thomas Moore, care of the soul, a life at workThomas Moore, life-experience virtuoso, looks back and sees the common thread of his life work in his experiences as Servite, composer, musician, college professor, psychotherapist, and now a writer and speaker. Many people have reported that his books have given them a sense of relief, satisfaction and less stress about life and their place in it. He develops “a very careful, precise approach to things from a deep level” and teaches us how to include and nurture “soul” in every aspect of our lives.

MaryRose Occhino Interview

The Sign of the DoveDawn interviewed MaryRose Occhino, or “Mary O” as some call her, for New Visions Magazine in 2007.

Mariah Fenton Gladis

I was blessed to be able to interview an amazing healer and person, Mariah Fenton Gladis back in 2006. She started the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center and is a living example of what a person can do when they decide they want to believe in what’s possible and overcome debilitating challenges.

Deepak Chopra Interview

Deepak Chopra was very interesting to interview. We focused on his book, Buddha, how Humanity is doing, where we are going and some of his other projects.

Brian Weiss Interview

Brian WeissBrian Weiss, best-selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters was at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in October, 2007 and I had a chance to interview him. This is the complete interview of which an excerpt was published in the September/October issue of New Visions Magazine.

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