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Global Love Day, May 1st

Join us for Global Love Day and make a difference in the world.

Spring (New Year’s) Resolutions

DawnAre you ready to make your “New Year’s” resolutions work? Now is the time to make those resolutions work when all of nature and the energy of the season of new beginnings (Spring) supports you and helps make it happen. Dawn

Softening Your Focus

Trees in 3-DSoftening your focus can promote relaxation, more connection with others and the earth and allow you to enjoy more of life while in the body. I can hardly believe I didn’t figure this out sooner.

Valentine’s Day

HeartTake Valentine’s Day to the next level by allowing it to be an example to inspire you to love throughout the year. And start with yourself.

John Randolph Price Interview

The Abundance BookDo you have questions after reading The Abundance Book? I did so I emailed the author. Here are my questions with his answers. Enjoy

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