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Happy Global Love Day!

Are you interested in what I’m doing for Global Love Day and how it’s affecting my day? Yes? Then you’re in the right place.

The Evolution of Hugs and Kisses

Dawn & KathleenHow can we find the love within ourselves to share it with others? Let’s find out and do that so we can change the world into a more loving place.

Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts

Dawn of a New Day Raw DessertsGreat child and hubby approved raw food desserts! It’s my gift to you. Download this revised and updated version of my popular (and free) e-book, Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts. Check out the pictures, tell your friends and pass it along.

What I’d Like to Find and Review

Here are some products I’d like to bring to you but don’t know where to get them yet. If you know, let me know. Also, if there’s something you’d like me to review you can email me the specifics and I’ll check it out. Boiled wool products like washclothes, slippers, coasters, Products with bio-degradable latex,…

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How the Foods We Eat Affect Our Life Experience

Food affects ability to focus Have you ever wondered why you have such a hard time sticking to a certain diet or paying attention? We live in a world of uppers and downers. People have coffee in the morning to wake them up and wine in evening to relax them and help them go to…

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