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Your 1-14 Year Old – Books for each age

Your One-Year-Old : The Fun-Loving, Fussy 12-To 24-Month-Old Your Two-Year-Old : Terrible or Tender Your Three-Year-Old : Friend or Enemy Your Four-Year-Old : Wild and Wonderful Your Five Year Old: Sunny and Serene Your Six-Year-Old : Loving and Defiant Your Seven-Year-Old : Life in a Minor Key Your Eight Year Old : Lively and Outgoing Your Nine Year Old : Thoughtful and Mysterious Your Ten to Fourteen Year Old

I’m going out of my mind! I’ve lost control of my child! Some times we have wonderful tender moments when we are very close and she is just adorable and endearing to me. Other times, most of the time actually, she is defiant and ignores me outright. I’m so confused!

Wait, there’s hope
I just remembered, we are approaching her fifth birthday and I need the next book in the series, Your Five Year Old, Sunny and Serene. Hmm, can that be the right title? Where’s the sunny and serene part? I’ll just have to read the book and figure out what she needs to be sunny and serene. I’m still using the approaches I learned from Your Four Year Old, Wild and Wonderful and they obviously don’t work anymore.

Figured out?
Just when you think you’ve got your kid all figured out they go and change on you. And it happens about every six months. It can be quite frustrating!

My experience
About three months before my daughter’s birthday she starts acting radically different and I start reading the next book. If I don’t I get all frustrated and slip back into parenting methods that just don’t work anymore. (I’ve really got to start when she hits the six-month mark so I’m ready when it happens, but, alas, I haven’t managed it yet.)

They change every six months
 It seems that during the phases of growth a child swings back and forth, every six months, between mental and physical development. Mental and physical development take turns being the focus. So, just when you got it all figured out they go and change the rules on you. These books help you understand what your child is going through at any given time and how best to interact with your child  to bring about the development of a healthy, happy person. These books are a must have.

All children are different
Just remember that children aren’t made from a recipe or a cookie cutter, they are all different. These books offer GENERAL guidance. Not everything applies to ever child and not every child is even going to hit all the phases they talk about. I have still found these books to be helpful in general as far as following my daughter’s developmental phases and keeping perspective when she goes through certain phases. It has helped me appreciate her development and not get too frustrated when we hit phases of "disequilibrium".  I urge you to use your internal guidance system and your intuition about certain things in the book. If it doesn’t seem right to you then don’t do it! When I was reading Your Five Year Old, Sunny and Serene I was surprised when they mentioned that one sign of readiness for afternoon kindergarten was the ability to go to the store on their own. Firstly, I would NEVER send a five-year-old to the store alone and secondly I think kindergarten should ONLY be in the morning. Children are freshest and ready to be in the kindergarten environment in the morning. The afternoon should be for naps and downtime at home. And doesn’t it seem that the first years of school set a president for the rest of ones’ school career, 12 or more years? I would want it to be conducive to being fresh and ready to learn. So, use your own judgment and remember the most important things for raising a child: loving them and being at peace within ourselves.

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