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End Times?

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Are these the end times people have been talking about and predicting for, oh several thousand, years? How did we get so lucky as to live in these exciting times?

What makes everyone think the end of times is coming, anyway?

  1. Gas shortages
  2. 2012 is fast approaching
  3. Food shortages
  4. Economy is tanking
  5. Predictions are lining up
  6. Global Warming
  7. etc.
  8. etc.

Let’s do a little mental match-up, shall we?

"Evidence" of "end times"



Possible Solutions / Alternatives

Gas Shortages / Rising Gas Prices


Humans control the earth’s resources and encourage dependency upon certain ones.

Find alternative means of energy and travel.

Approach of 2012

Humans again

Humans predicted that the world would end in 2012.

Live life to the fullest now and always and you will enjoy every moment along the way. There are never any problems in the now, if something comes up you just deal with it, right, no problem.


Food shortages

Yup, those Humans

This is multi-faceted and probably filled with opinions so let’s try a few: "over-population" causing a larger portion of earth to be used for housing instead of farming while conversely also causing a greater need for MORE farming (catch 22); global warming causing problems with growing crops; industrialization of our food sources; deterioration of quality and amount of top-soil for growing


People can buy organic and bio-dynamic food; start growing their own food organically or bio-dynamically; start or join an organic or bio-dynamic co-op, etc.

Tanking economy

You guessed it, Humans


Humans control and manage most money and exchange systems on earth.

Do more exchanges, don’t buy as much, make what you can, grow your own food, support your local economy, etc. If you’re a manufacturer, make your products with "Planned Longevity" instead of "Planned Obsolescence".

Global Warming


Well, we can blame the humans but this probably isn’t the first global warming on the earth.  I heard that some scientists think global warming would be happening anyway, humanity is just speeding it up.

My understanding (since I’m not a scientist in this lifetime) is that an ice age comes after global warming so let’s all buy some skis and wool underwear.

What’s really going on anyway?
Do YOU think you know what’s going on? I think most people agree SOMETHING different is happening, life just doesn’t look the same and things seem to be speeding up. Things really are coming to a head but why? Some say the planet and humanity are evolving. That’s what I’m choosing to believe. Just find a belief that works for you and go with that. I don’t think it really matters and if we "delete the need to understand" then we can live more in the moment and enjoy life, being here now.

Planned Longevity
That would be the opposite of "Planned Obsolescence".  Just imagine if everything was made to last for several generations. We wouldn’t need to keep replacing things, they would just last us our lifetimes and the lifetimes of our children and hopefully their children. This would lead us to not using as many resources, not filling up land-fills, being able to follow our dreams and have more relaxed times since we wouldn’t have to work much.

Those Humans
So, if most of the things that are pointing toward end-times are caused by humans then what are we worried about? Just get those humans to do things differently and most of our problems are solved, right?

General suggestions for living in these times:

  1. It would certainly help if everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, remembers and feels that we are all ONE and what affects one of us affects all of us.
  2. Fill our consciousness with evidence of Well-Being and refrain from listening to anything that is fear-based.
  3. Remember the next seven generations in all our decisions, which is a naturally benefit of living from the heart.
  4. Learn to live more from your heart (study the Living from the Heart e-paper) so you can feel balance and harmony during times when others are panicking and be able to send love, appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor to those who are experiencing fear.
  5. Heal your issues now so you are heart centered instead of fear based when the heat gets turned up. (You know what happens to impurities in metal when they boil the metal, right? It bubbles to the top and is released but it has to bubble to the surface to get out.) Do this by telling the Universe that you do want to heal and following your guidance to those things to do to get you the healing you need.
  6. Remember to love and forgive, love and forgive, all the time, especially yourself and your loved ones.

Keep smiling!

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