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Beyond Recycling – Carving Pumpkins

So you’ve carved your organic pumpkin and now it’s sitting on the front porch to celebrate the fall season and all its holidays. What do you do with what’s left on your kitchen table: carved out pieces that were removed in shapes like noses, eyes and buck teeth and a mass of pulp with seeds in it.

Please only eat the pumpkin if you KNOW that it hasn’t been sprayed with non-food grade chemicals. Since pumpkins are usually only purchased for turning into Jack-o-Lanterns they aren’t always treated as food and may be sprayed with some nasty stuff or stored in a manner that’s not safe for eating. Thanks Eileen for this comment

Carved out pumpkin pieces
Bake and serve for dinner.

Pumpkin seeds
Remove the seeds from the pulp, rinse them and dry them then either eat them raw or roast them.

Additional Pumpkin tips
I decided I wanted to make the pumpkin smell like pumpkin pie so I put a pumpkin pie scented candle in the pumpkin. (Use caution when putting candles in pumpkins and never leave them unattended.)

Happy Halloween and Autumn!

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