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Beyond Recycling – Frost off the Windshield

The situation
As the weather gets colder in the northern regions of the world we’re tempted to warm-up our cars until they are warm and cozy and the frost has melted off the windows.

The problem
I read somewhere that it only takes one minute of the engine running for the oil to be warmed enough to run the engine efficiently (for those of us where it doesn’t get below zero, I think) so running the engine for 10-15 minutes to warm it up uses more gas than is necessary.

The solution
Get a scraper and wear a coat and gloves. A good scraper will effectively get the frost off your car windows without using gas to heat them up. Gloves and a coat will keep you warm while driving as the car does get warm enough to be cozy.

Save a little gas, save a lot for our children’s futures.


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