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Changes That Would Work – End Daylight Saving Time

Dawn, Daylight savings timeChanges that would work
Following Neale Donald Walsch‘s lead of there’s no right and wrong, there’s only what works and what doesn’t work, I would like to suggest we reevaluate…

Daylight Saving Time
Get rid of daylight saving time. It was started for many reasons but many people think its usefulness is questionable. It seems to punish those who are early risers and encourage people to sleep late. I find it very unsettling and it’s really hard on children for whom a one hour shift is a big deal.

An unexpected advantage of daylight saving time
One advantage that I do see in keeping daylight saving time is, in it’s discomfort, it can shift someone’s consciousness from "psychological time" to "clock time". This is something Eckhart Tolle suggests as a means to be more in the moment: use the clock, "clock time" to schedule rendezvous but live in the NOW which eliminates "psychological time". I set pop-up or audio reminders for meetings and the like so I can live in the now, NOW, and know my calendar will be my "clock time" for me.


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