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Changes That Would Work – Determining Couples’ Tax Bracket

DawnChanges that would work
Following Neale Donald Walsch‘s lead of there’s no right and wrong, there’s only what works and what doesn’t work, I would like to suggest we reevaluate…

Taxing couples
As long as we have to pay taxes, and I’m looking forward to the day when we don’t, I think everyone should be taxed on an individual basis instead of a married basis.

How it works now
Basically, the way it works now, we are financially penalized for being married. Double incomes put married folks into a higher tax bracket. Say my husband and I both have incomes that are in the lowest tax bracket, individually. We would both paid 15% taxes if we weren’t married. Add them together as a married couple and now we’re in the 30% tax bracket. That’s 15% of our income that we would have kept if we weren’t married.

How it could work
Determining one’s contribution to the government (tax) based on individual earnings instead of joint earnings might even result in more married people staying married and people who are living as a married couple, without actually being married, getting married. I actually suggested to my husband that we get divorced when I get a job so we aren’t pushed into a higher tax bracket from my income.

Other reasons
Besides, people who are married usually have children and raising them costs quite a bit of money. This is a really good reason for why married folks need to keep more of their income: so they can keep their children clothed, fed and with a nice roof over their heads.

So, come on American government, prove you believe in the institution of marriage (and fairness) and change the laws to base tax "contribution" on individual income instead of joint income. (Sorry for the rant, you know I don’t usually complain but maybe someone will listen…)


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