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Business Cards

Amazing Tip from Dawn
Sometimes I start to enter the contact information from a business card in my contact database and I can’t remember why I have the card. Use the “white space” on the back of your business cards to remind the recipient why they have your business card. Printed on the back of my business cards I have three lines of text: Line 1 – “I met Dawn at”, and you can fill in where you met; Line 2 – “on / / “, for the date; Line 3 – “We talked about” and leave the rest of the space to write down what you talked about. Add in the town and state, if you feel it serves you. You can either have it printed on the back of the cards (for an extra charge) or print it out on address labels and affix them to the back of the business card yourself. An advantage to using your own labels is that you can do most of the work before the event. Just fill in the place and date before you affix the cards and you’re set. (This can also encourage you to give out as many cards as you’ve decided to give out. You want to give out 100 cards so you put your label on the back of 100 of your cards. Now you HAVE to give them out or they can’t be used again!) You’ll be more memorable and more likely to get a return call.

Free Business Cards

My friend Susan told me about this web site where you can get free business cards, Vista Print. I checked it out and it’s legit. Let’s explore their many options…

Pre-designed cards are available for use as your very own business cards. If you don’t mind having VistaPrint’s information on the back of the cards you can get your cards for free, you do have to pay for shipping, though. Choose from their many styles and designs. This was the option my friend Susan had and she was quite pleased. The VistaPrint Branded Backside was tasteful and unobtrusive. Shipping is as low as $4.99. Reprints are the same deal: you just pay for shipping.

Premium Business Cards – Three ways

  1. Pre-designed templates are available if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to design your own. Just select one from hundreds of preformatted design templates. All you have to do is enter your text in the fields provided and you’re all set to go.
  2. If you have your design all ready to go you can choose the Custom Upload option and send the card design right to them for printing. I chose this option and the cards came out fuzzy. They said it was because it wasn’t saved at the highest setting. It looked fine on my computer, though. If you choose to use this option then I recommend making sure you have the file saved at the very HIGHEST quality you can get it (that they will accept). If you don’t want to chance it then I recommend ordering through FedEx Kinko’s. I usually email the file of my business cards to the nearby FedEx Kinko’s and they have it ready for me in 24 hours. They now have this service where you can send it through the website. You need to have Windows XP or Windows 2000 to use it though and it requires a download to add FedEx Kinko’s printer to your computer.
  3. They also have a free design service where they say they’ll create two business card designs for you to choose from. How can they offer free design services? They feel they’ll keep you as a customer if you are really pleased with the business cards you get from them so they feel it is worth it to offer this service for free. You can get the ball rolling by calling 800-721-6215. I used this option as well and didn’t like what they came up with. It wasn’t very creative and the second design was exactly like the first design only the second design was half black. It didn’t cost anything so nothing was lost except a little of my time. So, if you choose this option don’t feel obligated to buy something you don’t like, I didn’t.

Other products
Post cards, brochures, calendar magnets, holiday cards, and folded note cards.

Upon check out VistaPrint brings up special offers from their business partners. Keep alert to make sure you are only choosing ones you really want.

Is it obvious that this review was written while my daughter was around?
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Free VistaPrint Business Cards

Check out FedEx Kinko’s

Check out L&W Group where I get all my print work done. They always do a great job, are of great quality, competitive prices and a real print shop.

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