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Body for Life

Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength Martin and I did this program a few years ago and it worked really well for us. The author, Bill Phillips, takes you from where you are to a healthier you in just 12 weeks. The methods he uses are simple and easy to understand. There are real life photos of what people looked like before and after the 12 weeks. It’s inspiring.

The eating principles are much like those in Mastering the Zone where you combine portions of protein with carbs (usually vegetables) and some healthy fats (like nuts or oils). So it’s three small meals interspersed with protein shakes throughout the day. (I’m still searching for a totally healthy protein shake so use what works best for you at this time.) It’s very healthy and you even get a day (or is it one meal?) a week to eat whatever you want. I tell you, when I eat that one "cheat" meal I remember why I’m on a healthy eating program. I really feel out of it when I eat a "cheat" meal.

The exercise program alternates daily between aerobics and weight training. The weight training takes 45 minutes and aerobics 20. One week would look something like this: Monday-Aerobics, Tuesday-Upper body weight training, Wednesday-Aerobics, Thursday-Lower body weight training, Friday-aerobics, Saturday-Upper body weight training, Sunday-Rest and "cheat" meal. So basically you are getting in a complete body work-out each week. Notice the upper body gets done twice in this one-week example. Well, the next week the lower body would get done twice and the upper body once. It cycles every two weeks. Sorry if this sounds confusing. The book makes it very easy to understand.

I really like the 20 minute aerobic solution. You get the most benefit out of your work-out in 20 minutes, three times a week. I remember hearing that too much time spent doing aerobics breaks down the muscles. You can see evidence of this if you watch the summer Olympics. The sprinters have amazing physiques and beautiful muscles while those doing the marathons look emaciated. Go figure, work out more and lose muscle mass. And the resistance training (weight lifting) should only be 45 minutes, no more. Abs are done on the same day as the aerobics.

If you’re looking for a complete and well-rounded exercise and eating program check this one out.

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