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The Calorie Myth

What this book is about
Quick, throw out everything you learned in school about My Plate, the Food Pyramid and calories determining weight. It’s a shock, I know, but calories in, minus calories out, does NOT equal weight loss. Hormones control our weight. I’m going to summarize the book but you MUST read it to get your head on straight about the topic.

This book covers how the myth got started, how the document the Food Pyramid is based on disclaims itself, the scientific evidence behind eating and exercising and a plan to get your hormones back in line while lowering your weight. SANE eating and smart exercise get you back in line. There is a five-week plan to change what you eat and how you exercise to repair your hormones and naturally lower your weight, permanently.

What happens when you “diet” a.k.a. starve yourself
Just so we’re on the same page, I use the word “diet” because when people say “diet” they really mean cutting calories to control weight. So, when you starve yourself by cutting down on calories, your body gets the warning that humanity has come upon a time of famine and unless something is done, the body is going to die.

Your body doesn’t want to die so it…

1) starts making more fat cells and storing more fat (that’s right, you weren’t born with all the fat cells you have now);
2) starts burning muscle (because that muscle burns a lot of calories so we’d better get rid of it);
3) slows your metabolism;
4) raises your “normal” body weight.
Your new “normal” is now a higher weight and your hormones will do what it needs to do in order to keep you at that new “normal”.

Yikes! So cutting back on calories to lose weight makes my body weight increase for the rest of my life?!

What to stop thinking

Stop thinking calories controlling your weight (it’s your hormones that do)
Stop thinking the food pyramid is the way to eat (created by people who had a financial interest in selling grains; it causes obesity)
Stop thinking “everything in moderation” (the quality of what you eat is what matters)
Stop thinking “a calorie is a calorie” (not all calories are created equal and you need to know the difference)
Stop thinking that “fat makes you fat” (fat makes you feel full and is vital to proper functioning of the body and brain)
Stop thinking that “exercising more makes you thinner”

What can be done about it
Eat more quality food, exercise smarter and be patient. I’ll tell you the principles but you really MUST read the book or you will likely fall back to previous ways of eating. Exercise the large muscle groups, one side at a time, with the negative part of the exercise. Eat ten servings of quality veggies every day (NO starchy vegetables), three servings of thirty grams (thirty grams in one sitting) of protein per day (thirty grams at one time triggers the body’s natural muscle repair mechanism) and quality fats.

Got it? Now go out there and change the world by changing yourself. Everyone will want to know what you’re doing. :)

View book details at Amazon.com: The Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better

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