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CardioCallanetics DVD, Callanetics, Advanced Callanetics, Callanetics LevelsWhat this is
CardioCallanetics is a complete-body workout that includes aerobics and toning. It’s based on the Callanetics method of exercise which is designed to get you in shape quickly and keep you in shape through a combination of yoga and ballet. If you like Callanetics toning exercises and you’re looking to add Callan’s style of aerobics, this is the workout for you.

About this DVD
This DVD includes an explanation of how CardioCallanetics came to be. You can do both routines together, aerobics followed by toning, or separately. The "bonus" at the end of the DVD is for those who feel inspired to become a certified Callanetics instructor. If you aren’t interested in being an instructor you can skip this section. If you are, it tells you where to go for more information or you can just follow the link in this paragraph.

Levels of fitness/ability
They makers have also allowed for different levels of fitness and ability. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student you can follow the exerciser (in the DVD) that’s at the same level you are with the option of switching back and forth if one exercise is easier or harder for you. All three levels are being shown at the same time so you can follow which one works for you.

Segments in the DVD
The DVD is broken-up into segments with the 30 minute aerobic section coming first and the 40 minute toning segment coming afterward. Do them together or separately.

My experience
I really enjoy this method of getting and staying in shape. Both routines were easy to follow and I got results very fast. The very next day I noticed I was standing up straighter. I do the aerobics first thing in the morning. It gets my blood pumping and invigorates me for the day. I go through my day knowing that I’ve done something good to keep myself in shape and my heart healthy. I usually do the toning later in the day, at least once a week. My goal is some form of aerobics (CardioCallanetics, rebounding, walking, bike riding, etc.) every day and toning 2-3 times a week.

More about Callanetics
If you would like to know more of what I think about Callanetics you can read my review of Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours.

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