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Green for Life

What this book is about
Victoria Boutenko bought, read and assimilated all the scientific material and did the studies that brought her to the conclusion that green leafy vegetables and fruit are the perfect foods to make up the bulk of the human diet. In this book she provides the component missing from most of the nutritional information the public has access to and knows about. Green leafy vegetables are meant to compose a large portion of our diet. This book’s brilliant comparison of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) and the raw foodist diet to the diet of the chimpanzee, the mammal closest genetically and physiologically to humans, left me stunned that this information hasn’t been more prevalent, since it’s been known for quite some time. The best way to get your greens is by pulverizing them with a Vita-Mix which brings them to the creamy consistency that we should be able to chew them to ourselves. So, this book is about why we need green leafy vegetables as the largest part of our diet, how to make them palatable as green smoothies, evidence of the efficacy of green smoothies from a 30 day study and lots of fascinating information you probably didn’t know but would love to know about.

Why study Chimpanzees
When Chimpanzees are studied in the wild we can assume their diet is natural and untainted and they eat primarily fruits and greens with some other minor additions (like bugs, bark and pith). Considering they are the closest to humans genetically and physiologically  it only makes sense that we can model our diet after theirs and come to the same great health they have.

Since our teeth can no longer chew greens to a creamy consistency (due to generations of not eating them and not needing to chew our food very much) we can incorporate human help in the form of a Vita-Mix blender. It turns your greens into a creamy consistency and adding fruits makes the greens more palatable.

Regular food processors and blenders can puree the food about as well as our teeth can chew them, if we chew a lot. Unfortunately they won’t get the food into the creamy consistency needed for the best assimilation of greens. The Vita-Mix does all the work for you. You’ll probably still want to "chew" the smoothie in your mouth to mix it with your saliva since digestion starts in the mouth.

Successful green smoothie study

Again being a trend-setter and advocate for optimal health habits Victoria launched a study in which stomach acid was tested and participants drank one quart of green smoothies daily. The results were amazing. You can read the testimonials yourself in the book but some overall benefits the participants had were improved energy, quality of sleep, feeling good, exercise abilities, fewer cravings for unhealthy food and improvements of health issues.

This book is very well written with short, concise chapters that cover a lot of material. I felt drawn to swing into the next chapter like a chimpanzee and actually had a hard time putting it down. I just couldn’t get enough and really wanted my Vita-Mix right away. It’s coming next week.

I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book. It’s well written, informative, compelling and inspiring. I recommend this book for everyone who has a body or is taking care of someone who has a body (any interstellar care providers out there?) and I wish everyone could have this information right now, and a Vita-Mix. I’m so excited about the great results the people in Victoria’s study got that I’m looking forward to conducting my own studies on myself.

My studies
I’ll keep you posted as to my progress and how I’m doing with my particular issues.

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