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Marina’s Blonde Truffles

What this is
Marina’s Pure Products is a new raw food company in Kimberton, Pennsylvania. They’re making decadent raw food delights using pure ingredients and keeping the number of ingredients in each dish to a minimum.

My experience
I tried Marina’s Blonde Truffles TM and really enjoyed them. They were fresh, wholesome, sweet and filling, as I prefer my raw sweets to be. One of the problems with cooked desserts is that you’re left wanting more, and that’s the last thing you want from something that’s not totally healthy for you. I’d much rather feel satisfied from a wholesome, raw dessert. Much healthier.

An alternative
I know some people like to make their own but sometimes we don’t had the time to make our own raw desserts or we’re out and don’t have any with us and that’s when a company like Marina’s Pure Products comes to the rescue. You know me, I love dessert so much that I wrote the book Dawn of a New Day Raw Desserts so I could have all the raw desserts I want and not spend a lot of money. “Teach a man to fish…” and all that.  I did buy these Blonde Truffles and really enjoyed them. While I was shopping I got hungry for something sweet and this hit the spot. I even passed up the chocolate brownies for them.  My goal, and I don’t always make it, is to eat the best I can at the time without driving myself crazy. So, try Marina’s raw desserts and rejoice that there are more healthy companies around.

View their website: Marina’s Pure Products

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