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Mucusless Diet Healing System

Mucusless Diet Healing SystemWhat this book’s about
Although he died quite a few years ago his healing system still works and is relevant today. He points to mucus in the body as the cause of all illness and guess where it comes from, mucus forming foods. Mucus forming foods are the foods that most people eat. Wow! We are eating ourselves into illness and death. Just imagine the natural cure for cancer, diabetes, baldness, bad breath, dandruff, grey hair, attention deficit disorder, wrinkles, menstrual cramps, infertility, cavities, myopia, etc. is in the foods we eat. That sounds WAY to simple and you may ask, “Can it be done?” Well, in his healing centers he healed many people of many of these illnesses and many more diseases. This book includes a great diet for transitioning to a “Mucusless diet”. It’s only eight weeks long and works wonders!

The transition diet
(I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. So this isn’t medical advice, just the review of a book.)
As Arnold Ehret found in his experiments on himself, (he completely cured himself of the “incurable” Brights Disease) fruit is what helps stir up the mucus and poisons in the body and vegetables (roughage) push it out. Now, if this is done too quickly the body will be in A LOT OF PAIN!!!! You must follow his diet and not go from whatever diet you are on to eating just fresh fruits and vegetables. The way he does it is gently, incorporating cooked fruit in the beginning so the body doesn’t detoxify too quickly. It was a great transition diet, and as I said before, I didn’t have any cravings while I was following the transition diet. As the mucus is released from the cells it enters the bloodstream on its way out of the body. This is when cravings can happen because you “taste it again” when it’s in the bloodstream.

My experience with the transition diet
After one day of eating the transition diet I had more energy and felt better than I had in years. After ten days I was breathing deeper. At day 11 a cut in my nose, that previously had continued to reopen and not heal for more than a month, was suddenly completely healed. At 12 days I wasn’t as hungry as I had previously been and ate less. When I was following his suggested diet I didn’t have any cravings for the “wrong” kinds of food. Now several months into this diet I have noticed a renewed sense of life. I sleep deeper, exercising gives me better results sooner and I’m happier. I used to be quite moody, as you know from reading my post on How the Foods We Eat Affect Our Life Experience.

What parts to read
Read the whole thing. It’s really important that you understand his system and why he recommends what he does before you change anything. And don’t think you understand the whole book just from reading this review. Uh, uh. Don’t do that to yourself. You can cause yourself a lot of pain. I also suggest reading all of his other books. I wanted to get the complete picture and reading his other books defiantly helped fill in the gaps.

Other books by Arnold Ehret
Rational Fasting (Ehret’s Health Literature), Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation Also Overcoming Constipation Naturally, The Story of My Life, Thus speaketh the stomach: The germinating center of all disease! also, The tragedy of nutrition, The cause and cure of human illness, Physical fitness thru superior diet, fasting and dietetics: Also a religious concept of physical, spiritual and mental dietetics.

Important note
First and foremost you MUST turn to page 85 and, over the second paragraph from the end (where it says "LUNCH:", write “Menus for the Second Two Weeks”. This was left out of this edition of the book and confused me until I got to “Menus for the Third Two Weeks” and saw that there weren’t “Menus for the Second Two Weeks”. That’s when I realized my mistake. I had been alternating between the first two weeks and the second two weeks because it didn’t identify the second two weeks as “Menus for the Second Two Weeks. Oh, well.

Not a fancy title
Although the title doesn’t sound sexy it’s very descriptive of the purpose of this book. Have you ever wondered why people don’t call things exactly what they are? I have. Here he has used the true words instead of something in Latin that sounds fancy.

This book is actually a translation from German so it’s a little stilted at times and some of the words we don’t use anymore but the information is so vital that I suggest reading it anyway. You’ll make it through, just be patient. Glowing health is on the other side. I really give my commendation to the publisher for putting this out into the public at this time. This information is not easy for anyone to hear but it’s so vital to our survival.

Thanks to my mom for giving me this book. It has taken my healing journey that much closer to my goal of vibrant health.

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