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No-Show Tan Lines

The Challenges
I just put on my bathing suit and realized the tan lines I have from being out all weekend are going to show in my bathing suit. If we lived in a country where we could sunbathe without our clothes then we wouldn’t have tan lines, right?

One Solution
Since our society requests us to wear clothing when out in the sun, we need to come up with other solutions. I was thinking that if all our tan lines were the same, then there wouldn’t be any tan lines to show. So I was thinking, choose a bathing suit and all your summer shirts to have the same lines. If you choose a halter bathing suit then wear halter tops and so on.

No tan lines on the beach
If you want to look great in your bathing suit at the beach, and you don’t mind what your tan lines look like when you’re wearing regular clothes, (some people like seeing tan lines) wear lighter sunscreen when sunbathing in your bathing suit and stronger sunscreen when you’re out and about dressed in shorts, a short skirt or short sleeves.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I went to the Miss America pageant when I was in college and was amazed at the tan lines the contestants had gotten from wearing shorts. The competition was held in September so they had the whole summer of wearing shorts to get those lines. Also visualize, if you will, what we call a "trash-man tan". Got it?

Wearing sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body when you aren’t sunbathing will keep tan lines swimsuit appropriate and you’ll look great on the beach and at all those pool parties.

When to get your Vitamin D
We do need a certain amount of sunlight in order to get enough Vitamin D but it’s probably better to get that sun before 10AM and after 4PM. I find that following that advice, which I got from Self-Realization Fellowship, I still get a tan and the sun I need without getting burned or damaging my skin.

I’m not a doctor, nor to I play one on television. You must use your own guidance and take responsibility for yourself, checking with your doctor if you deem it necessary, before changing what you are doing now.

Evidence of the benefits of sunlight
Just look at all the life that lives outside all the time and doesn’t turn red in the sun: flowers, trees, weeds, herbs, water, grass, buildings, birds, dogs, cats. Hey, our hair doesn’t turn red either.

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