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Tooth Soap®

Why use Tooth Soap® instead of tooth paste
Paste for teeth (A.K.A. toothpaste) contains at least two non-beneficial ingredients: glycerin and sand (silica). The sand scratches the teeth and the glycerin coats them which keeps them from re-enamelizing on their own. Teeth breathe as part of their own natural method of rejuvenation and repair. Tooth Soap® helps keep them clean and free of silica so they can re-enamelize on their own.

One user of Tooth Soap reported that his cavities went away after switching to Tooth Soap. I have a lot of fillings in my mouth (non-amalgam) but haven’t had any new cavities since I started with my current tooth care regime, which includes Tooth Soap.

Product description

Choose from Liquid Tooth Soap in a brown glass bottle; or Tooth Soap shreds (sometimes children prefer shreds because they can use them by themselves). Comes in flavors like black cherry, chocolate fudge, cinnamon, citrus, fruit punch, ginger, grape, passion fruit, peppermint, plain Jane and spearmint. If you need to sweeten your breath Tongue Scrapers and eating a healthy diet work wonderfully well.

What is this product for
Tooth Soap cleans teeth so they can still breathe and maintain themselves without needing a dentist as often. You actually need to go to the dentist less which can save you thousands of dollars in dental bills.

Will any soap work?
I tried using a hand soap that was made from saponified oils and I honestly have to say that my teeth weren’t as clean. I’m not kidding, it just wasn’t the same.

How it worked for me
I really liked the liquid and shreds Tooth Soap and felt my teeth were cleaner then they had ever been. My gums stopped receding and my mouth just felt cleaner.

What I like about it

The liquid Tooth Soap worked very well for me. It was quick, easy and portable. I like how they use glass instead of plastic since plastic leaches chemicals into products. I even put a sprayer in the bottle of liquid which makes it even faster.

What I Noticed
One thing they say about Tooth Soap® is that it won’t coat your teeth and mouth like toothpaste does. They also encourage you to drink enough water. When my mouth was no longer coated by using toothpaste I could really feel, in my mouth, when I hadn’t been drinking enough water.

Especially good benefits
You won’t have to go to the dentist for cleanings as much. Save on those dental bills! Our dentist even says that people who have healthy lifestyles don’t really need to have their teeth cleaned much. So brushing with Tooth Soap will make them even cleaner.

Usage Tips

The liquid it comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Just squirt a drop or two on your wet toothbrush. Experiment with one or more drops to see how much you need. It will be different depending on they type of toothbrush you have, how wet it is and how many teeth you have.

I shake the jar before I open it so the shreds are almost standing on end. It just makes it easier to grab one. Make sure your toothbrush is wet so the shreds stick to it. I found that I only need one shred. Sometimes the shred comes off the toothbrush but it still works just fine. To give the shred a better chance to stay on the toothbrush I wet the brush and press the shred into the bristles before I even floss. I run water over the shred that’s pressed into the toothbrush bristles and set it, bristle side up, on the side of the sink until I’m ready for it. It gives the shreds a chance to soften and hopefully stay on the toothbrush better. Even if the shred falls off, you still get plenty of soap. It really isn’t a big deal.

When to get it
Don’t wait until you are finished with your tube of toothpaste. Get Tooth Soap® now. After you see how it works for you, throw out the tube of toothpaste.

Companion products they offer

There is a book on how these products came to be and other recommendations from them. You’ll be glad they came up with this product.

Other products I use in conjunction with this product
Eco-Dent Gentle Floss: Vegan, waxed, mint flavored premium dental floss with essential oils and anti-bacterial enzymes in a recyclable paper container. The floss is packed in the box in a plastic wrapping to keep it fresh. I then scrape my tongue with
Preserve’s Tongue Cleaner: For removing the white paste from the tongue before brushing. Recommended in the companion book to ensure the tongue gets cleaned while the teeth are being cleaned. Brushing is done with
Preserve Toothbrush: They use recycled plastic to make the toothbrushes and when you are finished with it you send it back to the company in the postage paid envelope and they recycle them again. Next is
Tea Tree Oil: I use oil mixed with water but you can get a tea tree oil mouthwash as recommended in the companion book as long as it doesn’t have the things that coat the teeth. When I use the oil I feel a sense of well-being and it always tastes delicious, which tells me I really need it.
Ipsab Herbal Gum Treatment: Recommended for prevention and treatment of Pyorrhea, receding gums and related problems. Recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings.

My routine
I floss, then scrape my tongue, brush with the Tooth Soap®, rinse with the diluted tea tree oil then rinse my toothbrush off or spray it with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Tooth Soap is made with 70% organic ingredients including organic extra virgin olive oil, organic raw honey, organic natural flavors, filtered water and essential oils. Peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, ginger and citrus use high-grade essential oils. Grape, black cherry, passion fruit, fruit punch and chocolate use the organic natural flavors and raw honey.

Amber glass
Tooth Soap is packaged in amber glass to protect the ingredients. It keeps the light low and glass doesn’t leach into the product. Nice, huh?

It depends on your definition of Vegan. Here’s the information so you can decide for yourself: Certain flavors of Tooth Soap contain honey and the Tooth Brightener uses calcium derived from coral so if you consider coral to be an animal then coral isn’t vegan.

Tooth Soap has now been awarded the “Editor’s Choice Award” in the category of the Best Dental Product from Mike Adams at Naturalnews.com.

Final Comments
Disclaimer: This is not to be construed as medical advice. The health of the teeth is tied into the health of the whole body. Dental problems are not just caused by the care of the teeth, diet and mental attitude play a large part. Taking care of our dental health is one way to move toward total body health. Just remember that the whole body needs to be taken care of in the form of a balanced, harmonious lifestyle. Happy brushing!

All the Tooth Soap® Flavors

• Black Cherry
• Chocolate Mint
• Cinnamon
• Cinnamon+Honey
• Citrus
• Fruit Punch
• Ginger
• Juicy Grape
• Passion Fruit
• Peppermint
• Peppermint+Honey
• Plain Jane
• Salty Mint
• Spearmint
• Sweet Fennel
• For Your Pet!

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