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Raw “Ice Cream”

What this is
Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery frozen dessert is actually made from raw cashews and is raw and organic. It’s similar to Organic Nectars Raw Agave Gelato since they are both made with cashews. The difference is that the gelato is made with cashew milk and Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery is made with the whole cashew. They are also both delicious.

Mint Cacao Chip
Goji Berry

My favorite

I like the Cappuccino best and the Mint Cacao Chip second. The consistency was similar to ice cream. It was delicious and just the right thing to replace ice cream. Considering it’s raw it’s great for those transitioning to a raw food diet and raw foodists that eat cashews. Missy liked the Mint Cacao Chip best.

View product details at Blue Mountain Organics: Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery Ice Cream

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