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Raw Organic Sun-Dried Mango

Raw, organic Mangoes
These Mangoes are sun-dried, organic and raw. They are plump and tasty. They can be torn easily for smaller bites (great for little mouths), cut and added to other dishes, or soaked and blended in smoothies.

How we use them
We like them raw, just the way they are. We take them in the car for on-the-go snacks which comes in handy after swimming or gymnastics class or summer camp.

Child Mess factor
They do make the sides of the mouth messy if the little one shoves in pieces bigger than their mouth. My little one, 6 years, always winds up with orange all around the sides of her mouth. She loves these and just can’t get them in her mouth fast enough. If you take them in car, just make sure your child keeps them dry. Reconstituted dried mango will stick to your carpet and upholstery. It also sticks to your teeth, the flat part, so take a toothbrush if you’re going on a date.

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