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Rawsome Flex: Facial Exercises

What this book is about
Tonya Zavasta has done it again. Once again she is sharing with us her simple, yet highly effective methods for being the best we can be. This book combines her discoveries in raw foods and facial exercises to create an awesome, young face for us all.

How to use this book
Tonya recommends reading the 21 day program that starts on page 75. The program is designed to teach you a little about raw foods, tell you the most effective way to do the exercises and gradually build up your habit of exercising to create your new habit of exercising your facial muscles. I would like to refine this a little:
My experience and suggestions for better use
After doing these exercises for several weeks I still don’t have them memorized. I know I could have them memorized because I have all 38 Energization Exercises memorized (they are from Self-Realization Fellowship‘s home study program). I did it by starting with exercise number 1 and working through to the end. Tonya takes us through the exercises starting with exercise 30 and jumping around the book. For my daily exercising I just want to start at the beginning of the book, exercise 1, and work my way to the end.

How you would do that
There are a couple ways this could be done. Either you can 1) remove the pages from the book and place them in the order in which she explains how to use them (in the 21 day program) or you can 2) start in the beginning of the book and read the related page in the 21 day program or 3) continue doing the exercises in the order they are presented in the 21 day program until you have them memorized. I think option 3 would work well, however it will might take you longer initially. Try it and see what works for you.

Before and after pictures

Tonya has some before and after pictures (scroll down on that page) on her website. I will post my before and after pictures once I replace my camera and can take a photo where you can actually see the changes.

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