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A New Earth

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61) Eckhart tolle, a new earth, the power of nowWhat this book is about
In A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle has expanded upon the information in The Power of Now and created a road map to guide us to a complete awakening to our life’s purpose and creating a new earth. Topics include the consciousness of humanity, ego, how to break free, find who you are, what your purpose is and what "a new earth" means.

The new earth
What is the new earth? It’s been spoken about, fantasized about, written about and speculated about by many people. Some even fear it for what it will mean to the change in their lives. I’m supposing it will actually look different to everyone since there are many different "worlds" within our world. The ant and chicken worlds are very different from the bird, dolphin and human worlds. One of the sign-posts that Eckhart points to as evidence is the statement in the bible that the lion will lie down with the lamb. As Eckhart puts it, that points to an entirely different order of reality and it’s not Utopia. It’s from our transformed consciousness that we will experience a new earth, not because we are going to be saved in some future time. Heaven is within us and it’s now. It’s always been now. Be free of the ego and find yourself again to create heaven on earth. When enough people do this, we will know a new earth.

A new earth and religion
The "new" earth has been written about in many texts, not all of them religious. And although Eckhart references biblical examples in his books, all of his writings transcend religion to speak to the soul on many levels. No matter where you are, you will get just what you need. Come back and read the same book later and it seems to have a whole new relevance for you. It’s just amazing.

Your part

You may ask, "How can my life’s purpose be linked to a new earth?" Well, do you like earth so far? Eckhart explains it this way, the collective consciousness of humanity creates the earth: the physical world. What does that tell you about the consciousness of humanity at this moment? Volumes, huh?
Heaven is the state the mass consciousness of humanity must reach in order to create the new earth. Eckhart mentions that Jesus also taught that heaven was a state of consciousness, not a place. It’s not, "up there", it’s inside all of us and you can reach it at anytime. Just imagine if we all created our own personal heaven. That would be heavenly, now wouldn’t it? Well, if we all had our own personal heaven, then the earth would change to reflect the new state of consciousness that humanity had achieved and we would all be living in a new earth. Got it?

Rising above thought to achieve consciousness
A New Earth offers techniques to practice rising above thought, being in the moment, dissolving the pain body and staying conscious. It also warns against habits and practices that cause people to stop thinking that aren’t beneficial. These habits actually cause people to fall below thought and lose consciousness instead of rising above thought. In the book I found it helpful to read about what drinking alcohol, taking drugs and watching television do to the consciousness. There is advice offered on how to remain conscious while watching television and how to select programs that are thought-provoking and stay conscious while watching them. Also, beware of addictions. Not good, no.

What to do
If you’ve read The Power of Now you are familiar with the techniques Eckhart Tolle recommends to stay in the moment and dissolve the pain-body while reclaiming and converting its energy into "presence power". These techniques are enlisted to help us while we awaken to our life’s purpose and help the evolution of humanity and the earth. So, do your part by practicing being in the moment, dissolving the pain-body, and create your own personal heaven and the new earth will be born out of the collective humanity being conscious.

My experience
It’s actually taking me a while to finish this book. I think I purchased it last year and started reading it in the fall. I’m still working on it. I guess my Being is just taking as long as it needs to integrate the material. It’s so good and juicy that I’m digesting it a little at a time. It has some of the same information in The Power of Now and Practicing the Power of Now but A New Earth presents it in such a way that you can almost feel Eckhart guiding you along the path from where you are to your life’s purpose. It’s gentle and understandable and explained in a way that will inspire you to live a better life. One of the things I incorporated into my writing years ago was the suggestion (from The Power of Now) to toggle back and forth between creative thinking and inner listening while doing creative work. What that means is that I write for a bit, then stop and feel the inside of my body. When I do this, my writings are infused with Spirit and Presence. People who read what I wrote in this manner feel their hearts touched and are moved on an emotional level. I guess they are feeling the truth of their own Presence by my writings calling it up in them. Mmmmm, that’s so nice to see and feel.

A New Earth on Oprah’s book club

Oprah and Eckhart unlocked the secrets of this transformational book in her book club.

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