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Viagra usage Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your DesiresWhat this book’s about
Ask and It Is Given is a powerful book that teaches us how to use The Law of Attraction to have the life we want and everything we want in life. Viagra usage

Viagra usage How The Law of Attraction works
What we focus on is what comes into our experience and there are three steps in having everything we want and need. Viagra usage
1) Ask – We are doing this constantly
2) Answer – The Universe answers by sending us what we want
3) Allow/Receive – We have to be in the receiving mode and allow what we want to come to us. Viagra usage
The first and second step are happening all the time and we don’t need to do much beyond what we are already doing to get those two steps right. Viagra usage The problem is with our ability to receive. Viagra usage Now, viagra usage you may say, viagra usage “I’m ready to receive all the time so why isn’t it here yet?” Now, viagra usage the way it’s explained in this book we have to be in vibrational alignment for what we want. Viagra usage So, viagra usage if you want prosperity but are having thoughts of lack or debt then you’ll attract lack and debt, viagra usage not prosperity. Viagra usage You have to vibrate as if you are already prosperous and think prosperous thoughts in order to be prosperous. Viagra usage The exercises (which are called “processes” in this book) are designed to put you into vibrational alignment with what it is that you want. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Your internal guide posts
So how do you know if you are a vibrational match to receive what the Universe is sending you? Your emotions are a very powerful guidepost. Viagra usage If you are feeling great then you are allowing and if you are feeling bad you are resisting what the Universe is sending. Viagra usage “Positive” thoughts feel good and “negative” thoughts feel bad. Viagra usage By changing your thinking you can change your feelings which change your vibration to match what it is you are asking the Universe for. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Be happy
Your greatest gift to yourself and the world is to be happy. Viagra usage Nothing is more important then your happiness. Viagra usage When you are happy you are allowing (in the receptive mode – step #3) and everything you want flows to you with ease. Viagra usage It’s a byproduct of being happy. Viagra usage These processes have been proven to get you happy and help you stay there. Viagra usage When you make happiness a habit the Universe will open its doors to you and everything you want will flow to you. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Having what you want doesn’t take anything away from anyone else
According to The Law of Attraction everyone can have everything they want. Viagra usage That means EVERYONE. Viagra usage The Universe doesn’t run out of energy to make what we want. Viagra usage Things can materialize to provide what we want. Viagra usage It’s the Universe in the “Answering” mode. Viagra usage Everyone can be prosperous, viagra usage that means EVERYONE so don’t sell yourself short. Viagra usage We can ALL be as prosperous as Oprah. Viagra usage You betcha!

Viagra usage Other references to The Law of Attraction
I’ve found references to The Law of Attraction, viagra usage although it wasn’t always referred to as the Law of Attraction, viagra usage in these sources which touched upon the topic in varying degrees. Viagra usage
1. The Lightworker’s Way – Doreen Virtue’s family taught her the power of her thoughts. Viagra usage One example was that they believed illness is caused by wrong thinking. Viagra usage
2. What God Wants – God says we’re all after feelings. Viagra usage Everything we do is to create a feeling within ourselves. Viagra usage God also goes on to say that creating a feeling within you can cause something to happen outside of you. Viagra usage That’s how The Law of Attraction works. Viagra usage Ask and It Is Given explains this further by saying that by creating the feeling inside of you, viagra usage before the thing you want shows up, viagra usage you are drawing it into your experience. Viagra usage Feel like you have it and then you get it (when you feel like you already have what you want you are a vibrational match for it). Viagra usage
3. Home with God – Near the end of Home with God Neale says something about knowing all of this and God says something along the lines of, viagra usage yes, viagra usage you know this but are you going to continue living like you don’t know it. Viagra usage Neale said, viagra usage “Ouch” and God said, viagra usage “Well, viagra usage that’s the question, viagra usage now isn’t it” (I’m paraphrasing.) So Neale asks God what it would look like to be acting like we know all of this. Viagra usage The list that God gives Neale is the way we would be living if we were also using The Law of Attraction. Viagra usage
4. The Abundance Book – The Abundance Book uses the same principle and has techniques, viagra usage meditations and testimonials by others who have had success using the technique. Viagra usage
5. The Secret – The secret being The Law of Attraction which is the focus of this movie. Viagra usage The author, viagra usage Esther Hicks, viagra usage is in this movie.
6. Viagra usage Power, viagra usage Freedom, viagra usage and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness Deepak Chopra combines information we know about The Law of Attraction with science.

Viagra usage My experience
Things have really started shifting for me since I started reading this book and working with the processes. Viagra usage I’m happier and now enjoy my children so much more. Viagra usage More money is coming into my life every day, viagra usage things I want are just showing up in my experience, viagra usage I see possibilities everywhere. Viagra usage I look at things differently now. Viagra usage What I have in my experience now are the things that my former ways of thinking brought to me and the things I see in my future experience blow my mind with how perfect they are and how they are just what I want. Viagra usage I’m creating my future now with my current thoughts and feelings. Viagra usage I’m having a blast. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Follow your Bliss
Joseph Campbell said it best when he said, viagra usage “Follow your bliss” since this is the best way to manifest the life you want. Viagra usage When you follow your bliss you are doing what you need to be happy and everything you want just flows to you. Viagra usage When you have a decision to make you can follow this rule. Viagra usage Think about each option and whichever one makes you happy is the one you should go with. Viagra usage Follow your bliss. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Conclusion
f you are ready to really manifest the life you want, viagra usage no matter where you are now or where your emotions are, viagra usage you can have great success with this book. Viagra usage

Viagra usage Authors’ website
Esther and Jerry Hicks travel around the country visiting 50 to 60 states a year. Viagra usage They have a tremendous following and many successful people are their students. Viagra usage Check their calendar to see where they are going to be so you can get in to see them when they are in your town. Viagra usage I find their daily quote (the sign-up is underneath the quote on the left side of the screen) very helpful: Law of Attraction reminders delivered to my in-box daily.

Viagra usage Other offerings by the authors
There are audio versions of this book and other CDs where people ask questions and Esther answers their queries with information that everyone can use. Viagra usage They also have a "tear-off" Daily Calendar which is also a planning calendar and study guide workbook, viagra usage a must if you are leading an Abraham study group.

Viagra usage On CD: Ask & It Is Given – Part I: The Law (Ask and It Is Given)
Ask and It Is Given – Part II: The Processes (Ask and It Is Given)

Viagra usage Other books: The Law of Attraction: How to Make It Work For You
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing

Law of Attraction reminders delivered to your in-box daily: Sign-up for the daily quote (the sign-up is underneath the quote on the left side of the screen)

Viagra usage View book details at Amazon: Ask & It Is Given

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