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Breaking the Parental Cycle

“I never thought I’d be my mother and then I heard her words coming out of my mouth! How did that happen?”

Every hear anyone say that? Yup, people say, “I’m never going to raise my children the way I was raised,” but then they do and don’t know why.

Unless we do something consciously to break the cycle, we are destined to raise our children as we were raised and perpetuate the mistakes of the previous generation on the next-generation, and so-on down the line.

If we consciously confront and transform the challenges, problems and belief systems that created how our parents raised us, we can find freedom and conscious choice in parenting our children. Then when our children have children, they’ll do better than we did and so-on down the line.

So how do we break the pattern? The answer may be different for everyone. There are  many systems, programs and books that can help, we just have to find the right one for us. For me, I took the Landmark forum when I was 23. That is how I was able to I raise my children differently than I was raised. Even so, I wasn’t completely free of my past while I was raising them so some of the patterns were perpetuated anyway. I figure that if each generation just keeps transforming their past, we’ll eventually break the cycle and have complete freedom to raise our children without the influence of the past. That’s why my youngest daughter did the landmark forum too. Now  she can continue breaking the cycle and have even more freedom to raise her children more consciously than I did.

In some circles the process of transforming one’s life is referred to as “doing your work”. That means I’m doing the inner work necessary to overcome the past, to be fully present in the moment and to be whole, healthy and happy in body, mind and spirit.

I’ve been on my own spiritual and healing journey since 1989. I’m continually working to achieve the goal of being fully present in the moment and live a love-centered life. On this website I’ve written about most of the things that I’m using and doing, so read about them as you like.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socates

These are some of the things I’m doing now:

Holosync Meditation CDs: meditate like a Zen monk and resolve unresolved emotional issues just by listening

Living from the Heart: teaches us to live from the heart

EventTemples: website where everyone who has read the Living from the Heart paper and knows how to send heart energy can join others in sending heart energy to those in need around the globe

Practicing being in the moment: Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now

Landmark: I take different seminars to focus on different areas of my life

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