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Deepak Chopra Interview

Deepak Chopra, Alliance for a New Humanity, www.anhglobal.org, Buddha, buddha: a story of enlightenment, mind body spirit expo, why is god laughing, perfect health, power freedom and graceMy interview with Deepak Chopra
I was thrilled when New Visions asked me to interview Deepak Chopra in 2007. One of the very first healing books I read was Perfect Health and I still do some of the exercises I learned in that book. We connected on the phone for a paradigm shifting 15 minutes and here are the results of the interview:

Deepak Chopra brought our awareness to the mind/body connection through the marriage of science and spirituality and continues to facilitate our evolution and ultimate enlightenment through his new book, Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment, and his many efforts to raise the consciousness of humanity through projects like the Alliance for a New Humanity. A gifted, insightful, and best-selling author, inspirational speaker, teacher, and storyteller, people all over the world have been uplifted and forever changed by his groundbreaking works. You can catch his Wellness Radio Show on Sirius Stars 102, visit the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, if you missed him live at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in October 2007.

Dawn Do you think we’re close to reaching critical mass in the desire for peace and a balanced life existence on this planet?
Deepak I’m not sure. I don’t know the answer to that question. I think with the technology that we have, information technology, and internet, and media, and newspapers, and television, and movies, and music, and entertainment, we have the capacity for sure. And one of my goals is to try and use this capacity. We’ve created a website for our foundation [Alliance for a New Humanity] called www.anhglobal.org and the goal of the website is to help accelerate that critical mass.

Dawn Many people believe earth is a focal point in the Universe at this time. Do you think there’s a grand plan for this planet and the people on it?
Deepak I would like to believe that, yes. I would like to believe that the Universe is becoming self-conscious through this planet, yes.

Dawn Your newest book is a fiction about Buddha. How important has Buddha been in your life?
Deepak I grew up with Buddha’s teachings and the stories, and the fiction element is only what happens in the mind. The rest is actually based on actual facts.

Dawn What did you most want to get across with Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment?
Deepak That the capacity for enlightenment exists in all of us.

DAWN This isn’t the first time you’ve employed the fiction format. Tell me how fiction and poetry can be powerful mediums for conveying spiritual principles and ideas.
Deepak Fiction and poetry are the only way to get to the soul on a personal level. You can never get to the soul through non-fiction. In fiction you reveal your innermost dreams, fantasies, longings, fears, demons, and everything that’s really important to you. You cannot do that in non-fiction. So, fiction and poetry are a raid (I don’t know what he meant or what words he actually said here.) on the inarticulate.

Dawn Tell me how your relationship with Siddhartha changed through writing this book?
Deepak My relationship with Siddhartha was always a very intuit relationship but I realized also that when Buddha conquered Mara, that was not an external demon, that was his own self.

Dawn Do you subscribe to the belief that humans used to have many more powers and abilities such as enlightened ones like The Buddha and Jesus?
Deepak I think a few humans did but the vast majority of humans have always been like they have been now, yes.

Dawn Do you think we have devolved?
Deepak I don’t, no. I think we are evolving, actually.

Dawn Do you believe enlightenment is our goal?
Deepak Yes, I believe enlightenment is the goal of every human being.

Dawn So how can we achieve that?
Deepak Through the practice of, what in India we call Yoga. The yoga of being, the yoga of love, the yoga of karma and the yoga of knowledge.

Dawn Your books Life After Death: The Burden of Proof and Power, Freedom and Grace seem to be linked. If the mind lives on after the body does that mean the mind is part of the soul or at least linked to it?
Deepak Yes, mind is an expression of the soul and the body is an expression of the soul and the mind as well, as is the world. So the first level of existence is consciousness which expresses itself as Universal Soul, then collective soul, than personal soul, then mind, then energy, and then body and then Universe.

Dawn So does the mind stay with the soul after death?
Deepak Unless one is in the state of unity consciousness the mind is always an individual aspect of the soul and has the seeds of memory, karma and desires.

Dawn I see that you have partnered with The Wild Divine Project for their most recent release: Wisdom Quest. What brought you to that project?
Deepak I just think that the Wild Divine people have the best, most amazing way of expressing subtle ideas and abstract notions. I’ve been working with them for a while.

Dawn You’ve covered many arenas in your career. What do you look for when you decide which project to take on next?
Deepak The only thing I really look for is that, will this help in our personal and also in the collective evolution of others.

Dawn Many skeptics started living a more spiritual life with your groundbreaking work into the link between science and spirituality. What made you realize there was a link?
Deepak I’m a scientist by training, and then of course I practice my own personal disciplines of meditation and going inward and I could see that science was looking for the same thing only it was looking outside and spirituality looks inside. But when you go far enough you end up in the same place.

Dawn Do you have an ultimate life goal or are your goals an evolutionary process that change with time?
Deepak They’re always an evolutionary process that change with time and also with what’s happening in ones’ life.

Dawn What is your greatest joy?
Deepak My greatest joy is creativity, maximum creativity.

Dawn You have known a lot of uplifting people over the years. Who made the most impact on you?
Deepak I think of all the great teachers, maybe Krishnamurti was the most important for me.

Dawn With your brilliant marriage of spirituality and science you’ve always been on the leading edge of evolving thoughts and ideas in our world. What’s on the horizon for humanity?
Deepak I think a quantum leap into the next stage of evolution would be what I would like to believe. You know that Rumi poem, “When I die I will soar with angels, when I die to the angels, what I shall become you cannot imagine.” So I think, awakening of dormant potential, insight, intuition, creativity, imagination, the power of intention, conscious choice making, and ultimately expressing that in the harmony of the Universe.

Dawn What’s on the horizon for you and your work?
Deepak I’m finishing a book called The Third Jesus, and then I’m doing The Missing Years of Christ. I’m also doing a book called Dr. Buddha: The Alleviation of Human Suffering which will be very practical, and something on feminine leadership, so I have lots of stuff going on.

Dawn How about your children?
Deepak My children are working with me on many projects. We have a media company and we work together producing documentaries, movies, comics, book comics.

Dawn Comics for adults or children?
Deepak They’re about superheroes drawn from mythology. You can check Virgin Comics and you’ll see them: mythical Devis and Devas and all that.

Dawn Are they from India or all different nations and cultures.
Deepak They are mostly from India right now.

Dawn Do you plan to expand out into others?
Deepak Yes, we are already. But the ones out there are mostly from India.

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