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Home with God

Home with God : In a Life That Never EndsSummary
In this, his latest and last book in the Conversations with God (CwG) series Neale Donald Walsch gets into the nitty-gritty of death and finds that he died at birth. Huh?! Well, that was in another reality, obviously, as we know he is alive and well in this reality. Home with God : In a Life That Never Ends has been touted as the most important book he’s written so far. Quantum Physics come into play as well as techniques on being wholly present in order to experience the Divine while still in the body. The principles from the other CwG books are repeated again in this book. You might ask why we keep having to go over the same things again but you could also ask why we aren’t living as if we know them already, couldn’t you?

Consider that time is a tunnel. We can go forward and backward, up and down in this tunnel. We can go faster and we can go slower. Don’t you sometimes feel time is going slowly and other times it’s racing by? I’ve noticed that I can slow down time by being in the moment: paying deep attention to what I’m doing, take my time and not think about time, looking into my daughter’s eyes intently while she is talking, or just deciding I want time to slow down. Cool, huh? It works for me. We can also go through this tunnel of time more than once. Surprised? Doesn’t it explain déjà vu better than The Matrix? "I’ve been here and done this before!" It’s funny how I never have déjà vu about the spiritual stuff I’m doing. I probably wasn’t into this the other times I went through this life-time. I don’t think I lived this long in most of the other alternate realities of this life-time. I guess my spiritual path kept me from ending my life early.

Speaking of ending one’s life early, don’t do it. You’ll be going nowhere fast. Basically, we came to this lifetime to have experiences. If we decide to end our lives before we have experienced what we came here to experience we’ll just have to start all over again and experience that. We might as well make the most of it instead of trying to "get done" early. It’s also very upsetting to those we leave behind.

Manifesting our futures
We are totally in control of the experiences we have in the "future". What we say, think and do all creates opportunities in the future. Keep your thoughts, words and deeds positive and uplifting to create positive and uplifting choices in the future.

This book is about death and dying and life and living. Once you understand what death’s all about and what’s on "the other side", you can really start living. How about this, death is reversible and no one dies unfulfilled? Kind of makes all those seemingly "meaningless" deaths meaningful, huh? God shares with us a total of 18 things we need to remember about death and dying, 18 "Remembrances" he calls them.

Remember, there is nothing we need to learn here, only remember. We don’t have to learn about death we just have to remember about it. There are 18 remembrances everything from you die for yourself, to remembering we all have free choice. Don’t ask me to explain them. It took God a whole book. Do you think I can do it faster?

What this book’s for
This book is meant to help you find your own truth. Neale found his truth while writing this book and the hope is that this book will help others find what’s true for them.

Questions I had People are coming up with all kinds of questions after reading this book. The CwG foundation has been inundated with letters and emails in response to this book. Neale has even developed a new retreat called Conversations with God: The Retreat Home with God, in a life that never ends to help people who have questions and want to understand this information better.

Here are my questions:

1. With the information you brought in where does that leave other teachings like Eckhart Tolle and Paramahansa Yogananda? Eckhart said if we miss all the other opportunities for enlightenment during our lifetime that another portal to the Divine will open upon our death. It’s a bright light and all we have to do is go through it. So far so good, right? But then he goes on to say that… “most people see the light, turn away in fear and lose consciousness. What happens after that is automatic. There will be another round of birth and death because their consciousness was not strong enough for conscious realization.” (Or something along those lines.) And where does that leave enlightenment? Paramahansa, among others, said that once we achieve enlightenment we will “go out no more”, as in not be born into a physical body any more. And where does the consciousness go when in Samadhi?

2. How do we go around the “tunnel of time” in a spiral? How do we go backwards? I can already tell when I’m going more slowly or quickly forward and can slow myself down but how do we achieve spiral or backwards movement? And do we want to? What would be the benefit and affect of each?

3. What are ghosts? If everyone goes through the “death” door, remembers who they are and creates life anew on the “other side” then what are ghosts? Is the door still open for them and they just haven’t gone through all the way yet? How long would that go on?

4. Are our guides the same as angels or are our guides different voices of God?

5. Is it possible to come back as another person in the same life to help yourself or someone else?

Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I bet you’re really intrigued.

Neale mentioned the possibility of writing an addendum to the book. If he does I hope he writes an index for the book as well. I have found the indexes in the other books very valuable and really miss not having one in this book. I made sure I made notes as I went along.

In addition to taking notes while you’re reading the book you can take further steps to ingrain this information into your consciousness. By taking the basic principles of teaching the mind a new truth from John Randolph Price‘s The Abundance Book we can create our own study of the 18 remembrances about death. John says it takes 40 days for the mind to learn a new truth. His method calls for meditating on one "remembrance" for our purposes. Each day we meditate for 15 minutes on one "remembrance" then write down the thoughts it brings up. I suggest doing numbers 1 through 16 twice each and then doing 17 and 18 four times each. This takes us 40 days. I’m getting started tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Further endeavors
Neale has developed another website which combines the efforts of all the other websites in a united purpose to change the world in 10 to 15 years. It’s called The Group of 1000. Check it out to see if you are inspired to join. It’s intense. You could say the other organizations he’s created, Humanity’s Team, ReCreation Foundation and The School of the New Spirituality have been waiting for this final website to bring them into their full purpose and manifestation. It’s powerful stuff.

View book details at Amazon.com: Home with God : In a Life That Never Ends

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