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One healing method that worked for me
As one of my self-healing efforts in 1997 I decided to try hypnotherapy.  I don’t recall what brought about my decision but it turned out to be a timely one.

The set-up
I had started a new job six months earlier and recently had gotten a new supervisor. Together we were planning the relocation of our corporate headquarters. She was very demanding and not very forgiving when mistakes were made. I was under tremendous stress.

I started hypnotherapy with a local hypnotist, who had a doctorate, and began her program. I would come into her office, sit in her comfy chair, and tell her what was going on in my life and body. Using hypnosis to get my mind into a receptive state and positive affirmations similar to the ones in Louise Hay‘s book Heal Your Body we would have our session. I would then listen to the tape once a day until our next session. The hypnosis put my mind in a receptive state for the positive affirmations that were designed to heal both my mind and body.

Since the affirmations were designed to correct errors of thinking that created physical problems I started to see changes in my body as well as my mind. I became more confident and less stressed. Work became easier. I even noticed that a ganglion cyst I had for years, one that the doctors weren’t able to do anything about it, reduced to almost nothing and stopped causing me problems. There’s a connection between mind and body that most people overlook but it just can’t be ignored. Addressing physical symptoms on the level of the mind can bring about dramatic results. Emotions can also play a very important role in our wholeness.

I didn’t think it would be used for this
The sessions were comprised of different themes including anger and fear. It was a complete program designed to bring about wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Each week focused on a different theme and she included affirmations for whatever life issues I was having at the time. Once, between sessions, I had a migraine headache. I’m not prone to migraines but this one was a doosie. I called my hypnotherapist for advice. And what was the doctor’s prescription for natural headache relief? She suggested listening to the anger tape she had made for me and asking my husband if he was up for making love. (Right, like he was going to say no.) The tape and a little nooky later, and the headache was gone! So, there goes the old excuse, "Not tonight dear, I have a headache." We’ll have to change it to, "Can we fool around tonight dear? I have a headache."

Back to the job story
I was with that company for five years, longer than I had ever been with any one company. (The only reason I left was to raise our daughter.) I started as an administrative assistant then moved up to an executive administrator then to the office manager and finally to the office and facilities manager running the shipping department, the front desk staff, the administrative staff and having many other responsibilities as well. It really gave me the confidence to take on and perform those subsequent roles with ease.

I truly believe I wouldn’t have kept that job past the relocation had it not been for the hypnotherapy sessions. It changed me and my path for the better.

Hypnotherapy sources
If you feel drawn to try hypnotherapy you don’t have to find your own hypnotist. There are many pre-recorded hypnotherapy programs out there for a healthy mind, body, spirit and pocketbook. Dr. Karen Frank, now of North Carolina, was the hypnotist I saw all those years ago. She has pre-recorded hypnotherapy programs on her site. You can also find hypnotherapy programs at Amazon but it’s probably best to get a referral from someone you know who’s tried out a certain hypnotherapy program.

Hypnotherapists are now offering their assistance to create more successful medical procedures. Dr. Frank also has success in healing people of chronic health problems as well so the mind-body connection is really getting a lot of recognition. She offers CDs for everything from weight and wealth to stuttering and fingernail biting.

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