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The Illusion of Time

Time may be an illusion but when the sun goes down I still have to get some sleep.

I totally get that time is an illusion. I’m always in the present, never the past or future. Nothing is happening in the future. Nothing ever happened in the past, it happened in a “former present”, as Eckhart Tolle puts it.

That still doesn’t change the fact that when I get to the end of the day, let’s say that’s when the sun goes down, there are still things I want to do before I rest. Tolle recommends getting rid of psychological time. To do that he recommends being in the moment, dealing with what’s there at the time, perhaps planning for the future or learning from the past but ultimately being consciousness in the present. There are many techniques outlined in The Power of Now and as Tolle reminds us, only one is needed.

I find when I’m present in the moment “time” goes more slowly, the clock seems to move slower and I get more done before I go to sleep at night. Another benefit of being in the moment is really enjoying what I’m doing, no matter what that is. I keep lamenting that I don’t spend all my time outside. Then I look at how present I am when I’m inside and how do I expect to enjoy being outside when I don’t practice being present when I’m inside. Sorry, this sounds confusing. Let me equate it to something else. When my mother taught my sisters and me table manners she said that how we eat at home is how we’ll eat when we’re out at a restaurant. So, how present I am when I’m doing things I  may not totally be in love with (e.g. shopping or being inside) is how present I will probably be when I’m doing things I do want to do.

Slow down the clock by being in the moment, enjoy life by enjoying everything and live powerfully!

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