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Kim Eng’s meditation cd

What this CD is
In this CD of meditations Kim Eng teaches the fine art of paying attention. Is it really that easy, just pay attention… you may ask. Well it is and it isn’t. That’s why I call it a “fine art”. These meditations are centered around our normal activities of eating, walking and sleeping and by bringing more consciousness into these activities it can make us more conscious at other “ordinary” moments in our lives.

How to use this CD
These meditations can be used throughout the day or as you need them. For the daily activities there’s one for conscious eating, one for walking and one for entering sleep consciously. The as needed ones are for things like dissolving the pain-body. I like to listen to the one for Entering Sleep Consciously. It really does affect my dreams positively and my waking consciousness is better. Kim recommends choosing one and listening to it for a while before moving on to another one or adding another one.

My experience
I find that by regularly listening to meditations from this CD it helps me to be more conscious at other times even when I’m not listening to it. One day I had the experience of constantly being pulled back into the moment. It only lasted that day but I think it was my Soul showing me what I’m working towards and now I know what it feels like.

About Kim Eng
Kim and Eckhart Tolle have been working together for many years and this CD goes hand-in-hand with Eckhart’s book A New Earth.

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