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Many Lives, Many Masters

Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their LivesWhat this book is about
Brian Weiss discovered evidence of past lives the same way Edgar Casey did. During sessions they regressed their patients into the past, telling them to go back to when the trouble with someone or something in their current lifetime started. For Edgar Casey’s patient, it was trouble with is wife. For Brian Weiss’ patient, Catherine, it was panic attacks, anxieties and phobias. They told their patients to go back to when the trouble started, but they were startled when the patient reported events that happened in a previous life. As so the story, and this "new" type of therapy began. The difference with Brian Weiss’ patient, Catherine, is she also reported from the "between life state" messages from the "Masters" that were meant for Brian. Through the course of his therapy with Catherine, they both changed, grew and became more peaceful and intuitive. After you read this book you will probably be changed as well.

Messages from the Masters
While the messages from the Masters were meant for Brian, they have deep meaning and benefit for all who read them. I especially like the messages that remind us that just understanding and conceptualizing an ideal, like charity and kindness, isn’t enough. We have to put it into practice in order to make it permanent. He also continues to learn from the Masters. Near the end of the book Brian reports that he has dreams in which he is either lecturing or attending a lecture (I have also had dreams like that) and asking questions. He brings back what he can from those dreams and has shared some of them in this book. He wrote an entire book, Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love, to share more of the Masters’ messages to human-kind.

My experience
During the course of this book I went from curious to interested to deeply moved to inspired and wondering if there would be benefit to having this therapy myself. I also considered that this therapy might help those in my life who are not feeling the peace and bliss they can feel while in the physical body. That actually brought me to a peaceful place of accepting their behaviors and way of being as probably stemming from early life traumas and past life traumas. While, although I know this therapy would benefit them greatly and make their lives more pleasant so they can enjoy their experiences here, it’s not my place to interfere with their growth or push them past their comfort zone. If they are ready for this type of therapy, they will be guided to it or ask about it.

My musings
I wonder if using Holosync® also helps to relieve issues carried over from past lives since Holosync restructures the brain at a higher level and releases unresolved emotional issues. It would be an interesting experiment. I wonder if Bill Harris would go for it?

Sharing this information with others
It is important to remember when wanting to help others: we must follow our own guidance when knowing when to share information with people. Trying to force someone, or convince them, that we know what’s right for them only causes resentment and anger. Learn from this material and allow it to bring you deep insights and inspire you on your path. Share it with others, if you feel guided but don’t force it on anyone. If they ask you, though, you are probably safe in sharing with them.

Having past life regression therapy yourself
If you are interested in having this therapy yourself, Brian Weiss’ office has recommendations on how to find an appropriate therapist.

Brian Weiss lectures and workshops

Dawn with Brian Weiss, Dawn of a New Day, lohas, lifestyles of health and sustainability, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy planet, healthy children, I had the pleasure of seeing Brian at the 2007 Mind Body Spirit Expo and interviewing him for the September/October 2007 New Visions Magazine. He was fascinating, interesting, engaging and a delight to talk to. He was patient and kind answered all my questions. He was probably my teacher in a previous lifetime as he was in Catherine’s and one of his other patients from Same Soul, Many Bodies. The workshop at the expo was also interesting as he took the group through several guided visualizations to remember a past life. I recommend considering going to see him when he comes to your area.

Being a past life regression therapist
Brian is training others to do past life regression therapy at the Omega Institute. It sounds like something that will also advance you spiritually as well. Win-win, you learn how to do the work while getting the work done.

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