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New Visions Magazine coverSummary
New Visions Magazine is back and becoming a favorite of mine. There are interesting articles by famous names, local names, and some famous, local names. Regular features include “Ask Dr. Meyer”, an advice column; Astrological interpretations; Profiles of contributors and advertisers; Calendar of Events; Holistic Directory; Coupons; and Humor from the world of Mullah Nasrudin. The pictures are beautiful. Ads are tasteful and nicely placed throughout the magazine. The table of contents is easy to find. There are book reviews, music reviews, interviews, and the latest in health news, all nicely packaged. I’m enjoying it immensely.

Advice Column
There aren’t any guidelines mentioned for the types of questions he’ll take but the topic in the first issue is on relationships. The first question is related to office romances, a topic near and dear to my heart. I met my current husband on the job. We weren’t working in the same department when we first started dating so we figured we were safe. We got to know each other very well via email (we didn’t get much work done some days) where we weren’t bogged down by facades, or physical attraction. It was just us, pure as could be, on the email. It worked for us; our 10th anniversary is this year. Anyhow, Dr. Meyer is a psychiatrist who’s been working with individuals, couples, and families since 1975. Send your questions to drohtbart@newvisionsmagazine.com and you might see them answered in the magazine.

Robert Currey’s astrology forecasts are very insightful. They are relevant for the time spanning the current issue of the magazine. So if the magazine is January/February, the forecasts are for January/February. I really like Robert’s work. Some people think that following astrology takes your destiny out of your hands by influencing your thoughts of your future and thereby creating self-fulfilling prophesies. This can happen if you are very susceptible to other’s influence and blindly believe what people tell you without realizing you still have a choice. But we’re not like that, are we? This is where Robert’s readings are different. I’ve had a couple of Year Forecasts done by him and I didn’t read them until after the relevant dates had passed. I wasn’t going to be influenced. Guess what, his readings were accurate anyway. How’s that for not being influenced?

The profiles offer a more in-depth look at the medical doctors, holistic practitioners, energy and vibrational healers, intuitive and metaphysical, coaching and self-improvement, Feng Shui, and massage therapists that have chosen to support this magazine through advertising themselves and their services here. It’s a neat idea and more insightful than a simple line in a directory. I’ll look here when I’m considering someone’s services because it not only tells me a little about the person it also gives me more insight into the service they are offering. I’ve already discovered some healing modalities that I hadn’t heard of yet and want to investigate further.

Calendar of Events
These are laid out nicely and provide all the information you need to know and who to contact for these events. Web addresses and phone numbers are provided if you want to more information or to sign up. Free classes/events are listed and there are even discounts to some of the classes/events for mentioning New Visions Magazine. How’s that for an incentive to take the course you’ve always wanted? I find it helpful to have the events laid out this way so I can pick and choose which ones I want to go to. We’re all busy and this makes it easier to find the things I’m interested in.

The ads aren’t overwhelming, just informative of the services and products being offered. Advertising in this type of a magazine is very focused to its audience so the ads are just as relevant as the articles and I read them just like I do the articles. There are great services, events, volunteer opportunities, stores, and products advertised here. Sometimes this is where I find the next step on my journey.

For Advertisers
This is a worthy magazine to advertise in. The intention of the magazine is pure, the articles and ads are relevant to the interests of the audience, printing quality is exceptional and the audience is right for the local holistic community. There are a variety of advertising options, so there’s probably one that will work for you. You can have a regular ad, coupon, profile, classified, event listing and a listing in the directory.

Holistic Directory
You can start your search here for a practitioner in the area.

What a great idea. I’m definitely going to use some of these coupons.

Magazine’s History
Edie Weinstein-Moser and Michael Moser started Visions Magazine with its premier issue, in May 1988. It featured an interview with Alan Cohen. Visions Magazine was in its first incarnation for 10 years and one issue, the last one being May of 1998. In 1998 Visions Magazine became New Visions Magazine with the June 1998 issue. Astrid and Barry Detwiler published the magazine until just last year when they retired. I missed it when it was gone but now Anne Khoury (director of Health Connections and the Mind-Body-Spirit Expo) is publishing New Visions Magazine for our community. I’m so glad to see it back.

Closing Thoughts
Visions and New Visions Magazine has always been an important resource for those of us in the new age community. There are so many publications out there focusing on so many different interests; it’s just nice to know there’s one relevant to our local holistic community.

Share Your Feedback
Once you check out the magazine, which you can find at many health stores, yoga studios, or online, let the editor know what you liked, didn’t like, and any suggestions you may have. Since it’s their first issue (January/February 2006) they are looking for feedback and praise.

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