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Senior Moment or Lack of Attention

Lately I’ve heard numerous friends comment that they’ve had either “blonde” or “senior” moments. I myself had wondered if my memory was getting bad since I wasn’t remembering things as easily as I used to. After considering the amount of mucus-forming foods I was eating I also considered the possibility that my fruits and vegetables aren’t fresh enough and consequently aren’t providing me with enough brain food. My mind is certainly too busy so maybe spending more time meditating will help. I just wasn’t quite sure.

After considering the issue a bit further I am working on a theory that, while there may be other factors at play, the biggest problem is attention. Paramahansa Yogananda said that attention is the needle that puts the grooves in the record of memory.

So if you’re having problems remembering things, before you start limiting yourself with unhelpful beliefs, consider whether or not you are doing a good enough job of paying attention.

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