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Take Off Your Glasses and See

Take Off Your Glasses and See: How to Heal Your Eyesight and Expand Your InsightI like this book
When I started it I was just looking for a way to improve my eyesight and get to the point where I didn’t need glasses to see clearly. I got so much more out of this book. It helped me in my life, on my spiritual path, in my relationships, with my self-worth and so much more.

What this book’s about
According to the cover this book helps you "heal your eyesight and expand your insight". It is a comprehensive course that takes you from the origins of eye problems to how we can prevent eye problems in our children and helps you figure out why you have eye problems and how you can fix them. It talks about how some learning disabilities are actually problems with the eyes.

What’s good about this book
It is a way to get make tremendous progress in your life and the methods used are easy and very affective.

What I didn’t like/would change/wouldn’t recommend about this book
I just couldn’t read it fast enough. As I read more I would have subtle changes in my eyesight and I just wanted to read it all so my eyes would improve even quicker.

Especially good sections to read
Read it all! Don’t skip a thing.

What you can skip
See, "Especially good sections to read".

When to get this book
NOW! It’s never too late or too early to improve your life and removing your glasses can help you change your life no matter how stuck you may be (that’s what the author says!). My eyeglass prescription went from a -3.5 to -1.75 and I’m still going!

Final Comments
Some doctors agree with this book and some are very against it. (Just think what it would mean to their profession if everyone had perfect eyesight. Keep in mind that removing everyone’s need for glasses will free them to do what they really love in life. They could probably justify their existence for at least a few more years while helping everyone transition to perfect eyesight.

View book details at Amazon.com: Take Off Your Glasses and See

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