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The Abundance Book

The Abundance BookSummary
We are meant to be blessed with unlimited prosperity and lavish abundance. This extraordinary book contains the secrets of abundance along with a 40 day plan to make abundance part of your everyday life, now and forever. John Randolph Price ensures us that we only have to learn the laws of abundance once and it carries us throughout this life and into all future lives. The secret is knowing, at the deepest level of our beings, that the source of our abundance is the Creator of the Universe. The Creator is our Source AND our Supply.

The Daily Program
The daily program includes the 40 day prosperity plan; controlled visualization; intense love; joyful thanksgiving; verbal harmlessness and right action.

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan
According to Price "it takes 40 days for consciousness to realize a truth." The 40 days kicked off by writing my intentions to be prosperous into my journal (the actual intention statement is included in the book in the section before the Statements of Principle). Then once a day, for 40 days, I meditated on one Statement of Principle for 15 minutes, there are 10 Statements of Principle and during the 40 days you go through the whole list of 10 four times. Then I wrote down the thoughts that came to mind when I was done. In addition I found it beneficial to review parts of the book each day to keep my mind entertaining thoughts of abundance..

Controlled visualization
A visualization to see the whole world and everyone on it as being abundant is also included and recommended. You can listen to it on the CD while doing the visualization, if you like. This visualization is meant to help speed your own abundance. Since we are all one and we see ourselves as we see others we want to see everyone as being prosperous so we can, in turn, see ourselves as prosperous. It is recommended to do the meditation in the morning and the visualization in the evening.

Intense love
Work on feeling unconditional love for all of God’s creation including other people and yourself. I practice what Neale Donald Walsch mentions in one of his books: seeing myself in everyone. I add a little extra something by including seeing them as prosperous. So, I’ll look at someone and say to myself, "There I am being prosperous." It takes a couple of seconds and I don’t want to be considered rude for staring at someone so I don’t do it all the time. Those in the service industry are prime opportunities since they are already looking at you and it is acceptable to look at them for longer. Anyone who is talking to you is also an opportunity, while you are listening to them.

Joyful thanksgiving
You remember this one, expressing thanks and gratitude even though the thing you want hasn’t appeared to you yet. Say "thanks" before knowing it is already yours.

Verbal Harmlessness
Basically the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated.

Right action
You are now in the flow! Follow your guidance and you’ll be lead to the next thing to do for the fulfillment of your needs and desires! (Remember, God’s voice is loving and only tells you to do things that feel right to you.)

The CD
The hardcover edition of this book includes a CD with more information about the Abundance program. I definitely recommend listening to this since it offers a deeper explanation of what is meant by meditating on the principles. The CD is not of the best quality and the tracks could be better divided. If you have the capabilities I recommend changing the tracks so the ten Statements of Principle each have their own track and the visualization and meditation are on their own tracks as well. If you don’t have the capabilities then you could note the CD time for these items, if it suits you, or make your own recording of the visualization.

A major benefit of being prosperous is our ability to share our abundance with others. As more flows to us we are able to share with others and this in turn increases our own prosperity. Wow! Talk about "what goes around comes around"! As you share more you get more, whether it is money, time, love, service, health, etc.

My experience
My life has been VERY interesting since I started this plan. I’ve done the 40 day plan twice now (40 days each time) and things have been moving for me ever since. On the third day of the first time I did it, my husband got a raise at work, and he hadn’t even asked! Stuck energy has once again started moving for us and amazing things have been happening, and continue to happen! We are becoming more abundant in every aspect of our lives. Time is slowing down and I find I can accomplish more each day. I’m enjoying life more and looking at the world differently now.

My recommendations
Read the ENTIRE book and listen to the CD before you get started with the 40 day prosperity plan. One Prosperity Secret mentions not to tell anyone that you are using spiritual principles to increase your abundance. That’s good to know before you start the 40 day plan. I review the checklist everyday to make sure I’m on track in all areas on my life and reread the directions every so often. When you sit down to meditate on the principles make sure you have the following in addition to your normal meditation set-up: The Abundance Book, a pen that writes (test it to make sure), a timer or stopwatch, notebook or journal to write in and two post-it notes. Since you are only supposed to meditate on ONE principle each day I recommend placing post-it notes over the words before and after the principle you are working on for that day. i.e., When I was working on principle 6 I covered principles 5 and 7 so I was only looking at 6. I also wrote the day and date at the top of the page, (i.e., "Day 7, Wednesday, May 24"). For the meditation I kept the book in my hand so I could refer to the principle I was meditating on. Above all, be patient with yourself.

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