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The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny

A "paper" written by James, July 2005

Picture on the first page of the "paper"
The first thing I noticed when I downloaded this paper from the website was the interplay of the images on the first page. I have gotten quite experienced at viewing random dot stereogram pictures and was guided to look at this picture using that method. Once I did, the “portal” image in the center, that you might say looks like an eye on its side, moved into the heart area of the image of the person on the right side of the picture. Another potential view is when the eyes are focusing in front of the image, as in the method of viewing a random dot stereogram, two images of the “portal” appear and it seems we are seeing a non-human being with “sideways” glowing eyes and a long purple striped torso or mouth and nose. Just at normal viewing I noticed the image on the left of the picture appears to be the back of a human with the head being semi-transparent in the red at the top of the picture. It is very interesting, although I don’t know what it means.

This is a call for humans to play a great role in the destiny of the planet and the shift coming very soon. And it’s easier than you think. It’s all about the heart. James tells us how to play that role by connecting to “the intelligence of love issuing from the Central Sun and conducted by Spirit to all dimensions of existence.” In remembering other works I have read I realized this could be done through my intention. Every morning I will set my intention to connect to this love and set it in motion to flow out to humanity by the simple statement, "As it flows to me it flows through me." Then it will flow all day without further ado, doing my part to aid in the preparation of humanity and the earth for the transitions ahead! “As this paper states, you have the potential to receive and transmit a frequency and intelligence of love that issues from the Central Sun or First Source. This potential requires your choice to reach for it, to make it part of your new mission. In doing so, you have signaled your readiness for the planetary transition that lies ahead, and you are making a contribution so this shift occurs with greater balance and stability.”

Suggestions for reading it
1. I suggest you read this material at a place and time when you can read it though without stopping or being interrupted.
Read with an open heart. By reading the words with an open heart I realized I was being changed. The words will cause an “energetic transfer” if read in this manner. Open your heart and let the Sun in! You will get the most benefit from it that way.

You can download this paper on the WingmakersTM website . It’s near the top titled “James’ Lyricus Papers”. There are three different download options. Pick whichever one works for you. PDF FILES The Energetic Heart (dial-up version) 260KB; The Energetic Heart (epaper version) 1.89MB; The Energetic Heart (print version) 2.32MB

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